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We were one... - Chapter 2

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avatar BlueTheHunter
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
Last time:
"Make sure..." He said looking
around "Make sure you dont tell anybody your name! your wanted. i dont know why though. use the name
uhhh Sith" I liked that name sith the Wizard! i heard some rumbling into the bush's "uh oh.. they found us
HIDE!" Ikea said "Who are those guys?" i said jumping into a bush "Those are the guards. they rember faces
of anybody "I heard him. he's around here somewhere... Dont stop till you find that Runt!" said one of the
guards. "Uhg i wish i never came here" i said. i felt a hand on my shoulder. i was stunned....
The hand was really cold. in the distence someone said "are you ok". i said i was ok but ikea said "Howard..." the person responded
"Ikea?" said the voice "Yea. hey howard!" i was shocked. i asked who howards is. he said its his really old friend they told me how they found the portal. but it took theme somewhere diffrent. "so... your name is howard... wierd my friends name is howard..." i wanted to finish my sentence but i didn't we allw went silent. before howard said we had go somewhere. i follwed Howard and ikea till a triped on something brown and sparkly. i thought it was unicorn poop but no. it was a book. it said "The Mythical book" i opened it up "Ya coming. or na?" i didn't hear him i just went on into reading the book. "Cmon dude!" he sounded angry and thats when i heard him "look what i found." i said opening up the dusty and grassy book "oh... i haavn't seen this..."Said ikea "I think its the kings. he was missing his book of spells... he said it was mythical and thats when we all thought he was losing his mind..." said howard "We must give this to the king!" i said Bravely "Woah hoah Hoah! we cant just get into the kings castle. and also. we must see if it is his... his has a Purple leather name on it saying Dawrth ting." Said howard "Dawrth ting.... that sounds very Mysterious... i read a book about Dawrth ting and how he took over a place named Howkig and turned evil." i said scared... "Thats very strange" said ikea "Why?...." i said "This place is called Howkig..." Said howard getting nervous. "And also might i add the kings name isn't Dawrth ting its Henry the IV" Howared added "Where are we going.. we've been walking for like 12 minutes.." i said. silence groomed then a rustle in the trees was happening.. "There back..." said ikea and i "FIND THAT PESENT! HE MUST BE BURNED. COUSAIN OF DAWRTH TING AND I KNOW HE HAS RETURNED TO BURN THIS TOWN. FIND HIM NOW." Said a very angry voice. We ran as fast as we could i wispered "But... my last name isn't ting... its King... something very strange is going on! i dount have a Uncle/Aunt name Dawrth ting!" "Maybe... your last name is Ting.." Said ikea "But why would they keep this sercret from me! I should know. im not a bad guy. but... i think i know why i dont have a uncle.. but they told me his name was Jacub King not Dawrth ting.. I've been lied too... my whole life" I said i was getting steamed up. i was about to stand up till ikea and howard pulled me down. Ikea looked. they were gone. "What are you thinking of doing?!" Said howard. "I Want to burn. i was lied to even you guys kept be from knowing that you two are.." They stopped me. we were right infront of a aged old building. "Welcome to my home.. well.. second home." said Howard. "your parents know about this. oh wait... never mind.." I said chuckling a little "DUH" said Howard and Ikea We Heard something.. no. someone "THERE THEY ARE!" I Got scared "The Chippy golden's i've been
looking for this" "Oh Cmon!..." We all said. "Ya know what why are we so scared its not like there going to get captured" i said walking into Howards "Second" Home it was dark and silent till.. "We have caught you... you are now to be burned..." "HELP HELPPP! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!" I said. they ducttaped my mouth shut..

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cant belive it... a kid getting blammed for being someone who he is NOT find out in the next chapter of We were one...

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