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We were one... - Chapter 3

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avatar BlueTheHunter
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
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 i said i was getting steamed up. i was about to stand up till ikea and howard pulled me down. Ikea looked. they were gone. "What are you thinking of doing?!" Said howard. "I Want to burn. i was lied to even you guys kept be from knowing that you two are.." They stopped me. we were right infront of a aged old building. "Welcome to my home.. well.. second home." said Howard. "your parents know about this. oh wait... never mind.." I said chuckling a little "DUH" said Howard and Ikea We Heard something.. no. someone "THERE THEY ARE!" I Got scared "The Chippy golden's i've been
looking for this" "Oh Cmon!..." We all said. "Ya know what why are we so scared its not like there going to get captured" i said walking into Howards "Second" Home it was dark and silent till.. "We have caught you... you are now to be burned..." "HELP HELPPP! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!" I said. they ducttaped my mouth shut..

"No!!! Bring him back this second!" Said ikea "he must be burned. he is the cousain of  dawrth ting. do you have any idea what that nasty trumb did to this TOWN!" Said the guard. "Yes i do. you have no proof!" Said howard. "Yes we do... we captured his parents. well make them tell howard the truth." Said the guard. "Please dont. he doesn't deser... ya know what tell him. Then..." Said ikea stopping.. "Burn him..." I Riped off the tape. "Ouch. YOU WANT ME TO DIE?!?" "Oh yes... and also you deserve the truth. you evil Thief!" Said howard."Im no thief." i said "Then whats this. ya know that book." Said a troll coming out of Completely no where. "Yea. we found that book we were going to deliever it back." I Said "Well.. we wanted to see how stupid someone is. only the cousain of Dawrkin ting well touch it. and you will die in 2 days. good luck.George king.. or should i said George ting!" Said the nasty troll. and ikea. "So.. im a ting?""i said "Yes. you are a ting. lied to all this time. Ha! your lucky..." Said ikea. ikea went up into my ear. and said "Im pretending you were lied about on this town. they saw the book you read they thought it was real. so did howard. only us know it was fake just dont tell anybody im with you. they will murder me. ill save you. i know how he gave me the key. i'll stop the machine when you are about to die." "I must burn. ikea already told me the truth! Kill me!." I said. i looked at ikea and winked "Though shall burn then. to the machine.. ikea. start up the machine." Said the guard. they put me on top of the machine and then ikea dropped the key. he lifted up his wand and said "Vanish tegreat to another place!" and i teleported of the machine got out my wand and started saying this "Fireball breech!" and it shot out purple Electric balls at them i held the book in my hand and ran to the Kings tower. "GET HIM!" said the guard. everyone tried to tackle and do spells on me. but they missed "To fast for ya?" I said running to the tower. "Hes going to DESTROY THE KING!" Said the guard. I went into the castle. i slid past the guards to the kings thrown about to give him his book. but then 2 guards caught me frozen. i was stuck. "You tried to kill the king didn't you?" Said the guard. "No i didn't.... Uhg. i tried to. uhg.. give him this book." it was hard to speak under ice. "Hmm... seems like you have. lets see here." said the king. he took the book from my Frozen solid hands "It is my book. thank you boy! now time to punish who tried to Kill you." said the king he unfroze me. "It was... Howard and that guard" I pointed to the both of them. " They both tied up my parents. and wanted to kill me on hot lava. luckily i was able to escape. thanks to ikea here." "Aw. arn't you just a good pal. but for real king. that book about Dawrth ting is fake. its in the normal world. its just a fairy tale." Said ikea. "Ahh... now i see. Dawrth king was fake. oh and ikea. im ranking you up to a guardian." Said the king "Oh thank you sir so much! i love helping out here" said ikea. "Nice job dude! ya know. even though you keep secerts from me. you are still a great friend." I Patted ikea on the back After that we hade a HUGE feast to congrates to ikea for saving alot of peoples lives. another great ending to another great tale. "Or is it?" "Shut up troll!"

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