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Wear Blocks on Your Head! | How To

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Pick1ehead's Avatar Pick1ehead
Level 29 : Expert Mage
Welcome to my latest blog, How to Wear any block on your head! In my video, I will show you the command, what you can do with it, what some of the different blocks look like on your head, and lastly, I break down the command to explain what the different parts do.

If you would rather not watch the video, here is a small tutorial for you guys ;)

The Command Breakdown

The command used to set a block on a player's head is /replaceitem.

adding "entity" to the command will decide that the target will be either a mob or player, and not a block.

The command will look like: /replaceitem entity

Next we will add the player's name. If you want to target a mob (the block/armor will only be equipped on Zombies and Skeletons. Other mobs, such as Creepers, will only have the item placed in their inventory (they will drop it if they die))

then instead of a name, add: @e[type=Zombie,r=?]

In that example, I used a Zombie. Be sure to CAPITALIZE the first letter of the mob's name. The "r=?" Stands for the radius in blocks. so "r=10" will target all the Zombies within 10 blocks. It is also important to note that "type" in @e[type=Zombie,r=?] must not be capitalized.

So the command for setting a block on a player (using me) should look like this: /replaceitem entity Purplepigfarm

And for the command for a mob should look like this: /replaceitem entity @e[type=Zombie,r=10]

The next part of the command is: slot.armor.head

This targets the specific entity slot. You can also use slot.armor.chest to set a chest plate on an entity (as shown in the video)

The command for a player should now look like: /replaceitem entity Purplepigfarm slot.armor.head

And for a mob: /replaceitem entity @e[type=Zombie,r=10] slot.armor.head

The final part of the command is the name of the block. Remember that spaces the the block name are replaced_by_underscores.

The final player command is: /replaceitem entity Purplepigfarm slot.armor.head glass

the final mob command is: /replaceitem entity @e[type=Zombie,r=10] slot.armor.head glass

Thanks for checking this out guys! Hope you learned something today. But remember... Go to that video, smash the like button and break the subscribe button; come back here and spam the diamond button!; It really helps me out and helps you out too... because....you get ....more awesome tutorials!

Alright, see ya at my next tutorial!

~ Purplepigfarm

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Pick1ehead 04/23/2016 12:15:38 pmApr 23rd, 2016

I changed, "r=?" Stands for the range, to, "r=?" Stands for the radius. There is a bit of a difference; sorry for any confusion.

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04/22/2016 6:36 pm
Level 83 : Elite Artist
Arkadya's Avatar
PS at [r=?] the "r" is Radius not range.
Otherwise its been a good blog! Keep it up. Though I already know everything in this blog :P
04/23/2016 12:11 pm
Level 29 : Expert Mage
Pick1ehead's Avatar
oh yeah x). I 'll change that. Thanks bro!