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first off, amazing cover art by vincie
secondly, if y'all don't know, every Wednesday I do a hybrid school. So I sit through a Lit. & Comp. class.

It's got some pretty good quotes, so here we go. XDDD
(also, the letters aren't always the same person xD)

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

~ discussing flash fiction ~
A: It's a Harry Potter AU where Harry's mother doesn't love him-
Class: *laughs*
That's called FAN flash fiction.
Class: *laughs even harder*

~ discussing the shortest story ever ~
Girl next to me (we're gonna call her Abby, cuz she appears a lot): So the baby was murdered-
Me: Why murder?!

Alex: I'm pretty sure this whole thing is a metaphor-
B: Short stories...

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

~ discussing The Flowers, a flash fiction piece ~
Ms. N (our teacher): *quoting* '' 'She was ten, and nothing existed for her but her song.' ''
Abby: So she's a homeschooler.
Class: *laughs*

~ discussing The Necklace, another flash fiction piece ~
Ms. N: And then what happens at the ball?
Abby: She darn loses it [​the necklace].
Me: *chuckles*

A: And so she took an Uber home-
Ms. N: She did take an Uber home!
Me: *more chuckling*
(The Necklace is set in about 19th century Europe XD)

Ms. N: And she says...?
A: You're the cause of all my problems.
Me: *still chuckling*

~ discussing the theme of The Necklace ~
Ms. N: Anything else?
Abby: Beauty is pain.

*silence for two seconds*

Ms. N: We- we're gonna come back to that.
Me: *chuckles*

~ discussing the main character's husband ~
Ms. N: What do we know about him?
B: *in sing-song voice* He's a poor boy-
Me: *yes, still chuckling*

~ discussing theme again ~
Nathan: Another thing: be honest. Don't lie.
Class: *laughs*

~ discussing ways to figure out the theme ~
Ms. N: What's one way?
Ms. N: And the other?
A: Pyramid!
B: Man- build- thing...!
Me: *silent chuckle*

~ discussing showing, not telling ~
Ms. N: *reads a story*
Abby: Who plays soccer with kneepads?!
Class: *laughs*

~ at the very end of class, discussing how to work on showing, not telling ~
Ms. N: I get it, you all are slow-
A: Wow, she just called us slow-

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
(remember, this is the day after the Presidential debate XD)

~ getting ready for our fishbowl discussion ~
Ms. N: So- we need time for own debate.
A: Debate?
Ms. N: I mean- Fishbowl discussion!
B: What even IS a Fishbowl discussion??

~ discussing... something. XD ~
Ms. N: This'll be child's play!
Alex: Or- or ninth grader's play.
Ms. N: Stop- *starts chuckling*

~ discussing the Presidential debate ~
Ms. N: So... what did everyone think of the debate?
A: Insanity-
Me: *having not watched said debate* I heard it went down in flames.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

~ explaining to Alex how to do a thing ~
Ms. N: *reading the sentence* is blank-
Alex: So we just put in blank?

Ms. N: *stares* *starts chuckling*

~ trying to hand out everyone's projects, some were unnamed ~
Alex: This isn't mine, this is really organized-
Class: *laughs*

~ doing showing, not telling ~
Alex: Who is Chang?
Me: Chang is Chang, why are you questioning it?!
Ms. N: How dare you- *starts chuckling*

~ same thing ~
Ms. N: On the granite counter-
Alex: Why granite?
Ms. N: I don't know-

~ same thing ~
Nathan: Her heart beat faster-
Ms. N: *gaaaaasp* That's good-
Nathan: Oh wow, I got her to gasp.

~ same thing ~
Abby: She tapped her foot
Alex: Why is she a tap dancer now?

~ same thing ~
A: He binge-ate-
B: He binge-ate his misery.
Me(?): *pfffffft-*

~ same thing ~
Ms N: He screamed at her, drawing back a fist and threw a punch.
Abby: Her?! *throws hands over mouth while I turn back to her*
Creditlegit everyone in my 9th Lit. and Comp. class XD

09/25/2020 8:24 am
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sounds like a fun claz
09/23/2020 4:51 pm
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What's a hybrid school?
09/23/2020 5:16 pm
Level 27 : Expert Dragon
I'm homeschooled, so a hybrid school is basically public school once a week xD
09/23/2020 5:57 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Botanist
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