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Week 1 for A Bunch Of Melons

The build that penandpencil submitted and got Assistant Floral Designer from D

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avatar A Bunch of Melons
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
We, A Bunch Of Melons, will be posting these blogs talking about build progress or new members to the build team every Friday.
Heres this weeks timeline:
Yesterday we created this PMC account and founded this team of builders. We also worked on are Museum of Inspiration!

This morning I, God_Of_Verbia, found out that the other co-owner, 5luff, will not be availible until the 24th of July 2015.
He asked for us to not finish the exterior without him! So I started slightly on the interior so we could be making progress. Also my friends on the server, penandpencil, helped us finish one of the lower walls. Also the same guy, penandpencil, applied to join the build team. I asked him questions and he ended up as the Assistant Floral/Nature Designer
A picture of the build he made to end up in that position is included.icon
He is very excited and motivated to build and I can't wait to have him in the team!

I will now list what we have done this week briefly:
  • Started the Museum of Inspiration
  • Founded the build team
  • Made a PMC account for the build team
  • Got 3 new members:
  • God_Of_Verbia (Head-Builder & Co-Owner)
  • 5luff (Head-Designer & Co-Owner)
  • penandpencil (Assistant Floral Designer

We are in DESPERATE need of new members so if you are interested please join:
Then ask God_Of_Verbia (if he is on) to see if you can join!

I hope everybody had a WONDERFUL week and i will see you all later!
P.S. I will be leaving for a family vacation to Colorado sometime around next week so if there is'nt a blog-update the next week or two I am sincerily sorry! I will make it up to you! I plan on making a new project or having a short blog about the things inside the Museum of Inspiration when I am back!
This has been your Weekly Blog on Friday 7/17/2015


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