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Week of Critique Day 2: Island Clash

A view of my island, Diamond Isles.

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avatar LuckyAndrew13
Level 8 : Apprentice Warrior
Oh gosh, I am so rushed. No intro, lets just say the third blog I said I would post today will be tomorrow. Sorry!

Server: Island Clash
IP: play.islandclash.com

Content: Considering by the type, Island Clash matches its needs, with the whole building an island and war thing!

Collectibles: Pretty good. There are some cool things on Island Clash like titles, emblems, and soundtracks, and old friends like gadgets and pets.

Aesthetics: I love the looks! Look at the screenshot - aren't the buildings amazing? Spawn is also really cool, with 2 big ships and massive structures.

Economy: Wow, drop parties! This cool little thing can be bought in the online store, and once activated, colored sheep will fall out of the sky and explode, giving rewards such as fireworks, essence, and even free ranks! Oh, yeah, and there are a LOT of ranks on Island Clash.

Player Traffic: Looking at 267 players right now, and so many islands to raid in the war menu, Island Clash is a pretty well-known server. But it is NOTHING compared to the big mini-game servers out there.

Smoothness: The only bad thing is that when you switch to a different client (version of Minecraft), the stuff in your war inventory sometimes disappears. But I have so much gold, I don't even care!

Anti-cheat: Oh no. I've been dreading this part. Things like damage prevention and speed or fly hacks are pretty well taken care of, but the only hope of defeating killaura is if the hacker is sending too many packets and crashes. I feel bad for islands who have had to suffer this, including mine.

That was quick, but still, I am literally out of time. So I guess I should finish up right here. Oh and by the way, today is Black Friday, and I bought a VIP rank for Hypixel! You now all have to call me VIP LuckyAndrew13 (just kidding). And I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Lucky out!
CreditIsland Clash

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