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Weekly Snapshot X2

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avatar storywolf
Level 29 : Expert Unicorn
This week I was in the mood to tell you about the weekly snapshot but sense im so cool I will tell you about the past 2 snapshots!

Spoiler This is what is to come in the future updates if you want a big surprise then don't go forward (it's not a big spoiler its just the snapshot)

A big thing is the wither a giant thing that appears to have 3 skeleton heads expect its a black figure much like the enderman but it has a whoppin 300 health that's right 150 full hearts in easy it can deal 1.5 hearts of damage and on normal it can deal 2.5 hearts and on hard it deals a great sum of 3.5 with out diamond armour you have such a small chance of killing it and it can only be spawned in threw commands as of right now. It suppose to be like the enderdragon another boss. Like zombies and skeletons it is harmed by healing potions and it will kill anything neutral or passive.
It can fire up to 3 bullets aka wither heads at a time they are like tnt blocks in the sense they will destroy blocks. it has 3 heads firing 3 wither heads every couple seconds.

Diamond Armour now has a notch on the inner side.
Leather and diamond Armour textures slightly changed
The recipe for buttons is changed all you need now is 1 stone/wood block
The leather armour sleeve is now 1 pixel longer!
Bosses name (enderdragon/ wither) appear right above there head with there health too.
The withers health when taken down halfway will gain the dreaded wither Armour which is a thing that makes them immune to arrows.
Occasionally zombies and zombie pigman have the ability to pickup blocks any block and also blocks like swords and Armour they automatically equip swords and Armour. meaning zombie pig man will drop there swords. and skeletons will too.
Arrows on fire or bows with the fire enchantment will light tnt on fire

Frames have been added they add the feature to place items in side the frame to let your visitors marvel at your fabulous purple record its crafted like a painting with leather instead of wool.
Added cobblestone and mossy walls.
Flowerpots were added too.
Added new Full-screen toggle to the Video settings. Added new use Vsync toggle in the Video settings.
Improved maps.
A compass and paper now create a empty map.
Mobs can now travel threw portals.
You can now dye leather armour and dog collars
Carrots,Golden carrots, Potatoes, baked/poisoned potatoes added.
Wooden buttons are new and arrow sensitive.
Added potions of invisibility and Night vision.
Mob spawners start giving less xp when used as mob grinders.

Thats about it guys now diamond favorite and comment if you would please.
And subscribe for more skins, and blogs. Mayby in the future mods,tpacks, and projects. Thank you notch, jeb and dinnerbone for making this possible.
Creditstorywolf crazycowcat notch, jeb and dinner bone for making all these wonderful creations.
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