Weekly Writing Challenge - Week #1 Entry(Yoshi's story (haha get it?))

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Level 34 : Artisan Loremaster
PROLOGUE The 2 great tigers of FIre and water lived in peace, as they created the waters and fires of the land named: sn'og'bro''f'ers
theyre names were, HiTora and KōriTora, but one day, a great evil awakened in the dark forest of the land, a Tiger made out of sludge named UnchiTora, UnchiTora started to vandalize the places with it's sludge, and when it was satisfied of the vandalization, it started a fight with the two great tigers, causing damage to the land.
The great monks decided to seal UnchiTora in the nearest cave causing the tigers to go back to their eternal slumber

!CHAPTER 1! The awakening of Unchitora

Fredor is your usual kid, doing kid stuff, having friends, but he has a great power and he is not afraid to use it;
even his friends have this power
one day they saw a cave full of tiger statues and they decided to enter it,
when they entered it they saw a scroll in an arcane language that had english instructions;g
the instruction said that they should never open the door in front of them using a magical power
but a friend of Fredor decided to not listen, his name was Pustrike and he used his air magic to open the door, unleashing the sludge tiger
Fredor and Marion looked at the tiger in fear and as the tiger got coloser it unleashed a roar that sent the kids flying to a sky island.

!CHAPTER 2! The sky people and the tigers

Fredor woke up in a pink house, surrounded by blob-like creatures that asked him what happened and Fredor told them that one of his friends opened a door they were not supposed to and a tiger then sent them flying
the most elderly of the blobs rolled to the kid and told them the story of the great tigers.
Our main character then got out of the house was met by a beautiful surrounding full of purple trees and pink ground,
Marion though, she was getting beat up by some gangster blobs that want to use Unchitora's power for themselves, and they also want to end the world. They talk about how they were commanded by a kid named Pustrike 3 months ago of this thing
Fredor after hearing those words rushed to The gangster Blobs and kicked their ass
Marion asked him what happened and he explained that UnchiTora Could be stopped only if they used a scroll of luck and flipped it upside down, he also explained how Pustrike Ordered the gangster blobs to attack both of them.
Marion looked at Fredor, and told him that they were going to stop UnchiTora and Pustrike

!CHAPTER 3! The search for the scroll and the final battle

so now, Marion, Fredor and a blob dog decided to pack their bags and go on this journey
They needed to go in the lake of the fishpeople to find a old man that will give them the scroll
so they got to the old man's house but....
it was too late
the gangster blobs already killed the man and burned the scroll
Fredor then grabs a map indicating were the 2 tigers were slumbering and he decided to act fast, before Pus brings UnchiTora there to end the world
so they go there and find pustrike with Unchitora in a cage
Fredor starts screaming at Pus emitting an icy power, wich he called it [​Vanilla Ice Freeze]
Pus then activates his abilitty [​Eye of the sky] to deflect the ice freeze
the dog barks at Pus
PUs gets really angry, so angry that uses is ability to make the dog fly to space, where he will die, killing the dog
Fredor gets pissed at Pus, as he runs to the tigers so that he can ride make the tigers banish Unchitora
but the tigers are still fighting
Marion at this moment realized that her ability [​Lovers] can make relaìationships or peace to anyone and anything so she uses it on the tigers and the tigers calm down except Unchitora, Fredor uses his ability to freeze unchitora banishing him for the rest of time
Pus and his gang decide to hide in a cave, where they die

or do they? -

Writer's notes:
God this was hard to write and have ideas
for PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft's contest thing
yes the abilities are musical references
yes this story is dumb
yes the blobs can live up to 2000 years
yes the characters are kids
yes it doesnt make sense but it's cool I guess
I hope I didnt forget any rules and this is ok
you can also draw fanart if you want lol

Picture credit www.pinterest.com/pin/593278950885035254/


08/20/2020 8:12 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Skinner
i love the sludge tiger
07/23/2020 11:40 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Elf
Lol or do they?
I don't think you missed any rules either
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