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Weeping Fellows: The Nexus (horror stories by the people)

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What Is It?
So Weeping Fellows is a collection of mini horror novels written by me. The ideas for these stories are brought from You, the people. I will take requests (the ones I feel fit, not all) and I will turn said "requests" into small short stories of either dark and grimy feel to a bloodbath of guts and gore. I take all forms of horror and will accept related or non-related stories of Minecraft tales. To be apart of the series contact me of the stories idea and I shall write it. So now may you open the door and walk into the thick realm of the...

Weeping Fellows
As you open the door to this new and intoxicating world you see your fears come to life. Your thoughts become corrupt and the images form into doors. Each door holding a number, a new idea, a new thought of wicked ambitions was spawned and each number leaves it evident. Though many people open the door, none meet. A void, an open abyss of endless black and red doors line the blank vast area. You are alone and have led yourself to were nightmares are created. Tears are shed and lives are lost, chaos rests it's smiley grin here. You can choose to leave when you want, but you will always come back to question what hides behind the door?

The Nexus
Welcome to The Nexus, this place holds all the doors to the nightmares of all. Each door holds a story of a persons mind. All being the darkest reaches of said mind. So enter if you dark and read the stories of the people of Weeping Fellows. Here in The Nexus you can write in comments to give a story to the Weeping Fellows if accepted by it. So write a comment and check back to see if Weeping Fellows has accepted you into it's dark mind (if accepted we shall be sure to give credit for your deed).
CreditTo everyone who has given an idea that has been accepted and to all who had loved my writing and inspired me to do this!

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03/28/2012 7:12 pm
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03/28/2012 3:30 pm
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Hiding Master
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why did you say you write them dont we get credit? ;(
03/28/2012 4:22 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Nether Knight
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Of course. I shall indefinably give credit, but yes. I'll make sure that is now more apparent!
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