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We're All Different - Just ACCEPT It!

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avatar Whoever01
Level 46 : Master Princess

Hi guys, Whoever01 here with another blog. I thought I might write this as this cruel world has some very mean people. These racist, homophobic, sexist, discriminative and rude people don't really know what they are doing when they launch one of these insults at another person.

The Many Types of Discrimination

Racism is a major thing in countries that were part of European empires. This is because the European people took the land of non-Europeans, usually 'black' people. Most of these countries no longer disrespect the natives, but it doesn't mean that racism has come to a complete stop. Jews, Asians and mostly, black people are affected by racism. People often say a racist comment, the victim finds it mean and the offender says they weren't racist. Every racist says this. If the victim finds it racist, it is racist event if the offender does not find it to be so.

Age discrimination: I don't know how many times this issue has been addressed on PMC, but I'm going to explain it again. Often people go to recruitment forms in the forums or soon-to-be-removed blogs. It might have an applicant with the maturity of 10/10, with very clear proof, but the person is 12 1/2 years old. He was rejected, but another applicant, who was 13 years old with a maturity of 4/10 (rated by other people) was accepted. Who would you accept, the 12 year old with high maturity or the 13 year old with low maturity. Maturity is the main reason for this, and people don't realise that maturity does not come with age. If you really still think that 1 age younger than the minimum is too bad, and the person will be immature, well, that's sad.

N00b discrimination is a gaming only thing, so is also found in Minecraft. The 3 n00b categories, noob, newb and nub apply here. A newb is somebody who is new to the game. People who tease people because they have only started yesterday are mean. And it is also not nice to call them newb because they have been playing for a fair while, but you have been playing longer then they have. We were all a newb once. A noob is somebody who sucks at a game. They often think they are great and don't want to take advice. If a noob knows they are a noob, and takes advice, you should not tease them. If they don't think they suck, but they do, don't break it to them, and if they don't want to take advice, well that's their bad luck. A nub sucks at the game because they have to

ie. lag, bad computer hardware, bad internet

And there are much, much more types of discrimination not listed.


No 2 people are the same, even if they are identical twins who do basically the same things, dress the same way and stick with each other 24/7. If every person was the same, we would have all lived at exactly the same time, born at the same time in the same hospital bed, died at the same time, buried at the same time in the same grave, and moved exactly the same in exactly the same places. The laws of physics prevent this, so it is 100% safe to say that nobody has ever been the same.

If somebody does something better than you, they can do it better than you. There will always be something though, in which you can do better than them. So that means everybody has their strengths and weaknesses and should be accepted. I often see servers where the owner implements raiding when all other players and staff disagree. The players usually leave for good as they came to the server to NOT have their house griefed.

One other thing that makes us all unique is that we are all our own person, and being our own person is what we are all best at. If you pretend to be someone else or want to be like them, chances are you will walk around acting like an idiot. Even if you have a bad reputation and suck at everything, you are doing much better than if you were acting as somebody else. Just remember that.

What the Heck Does This Blog Have to Do With Minecraft?

Heaps. I'm not saying this so I don't get the blog removed but to tell people that this is a big issue in Minecraft, even though you probably don't realise it. Lets just say you are an amateur skinner, and can't shade. You get a skin off of Leostereo and you copy it and recolor it. Not only is this stealing a submission but you are talking yourself off as somebody else. This goes for any submission.

On a server (assuming that you play on them) you should know about the 3 major categories. Players, rule-breakers and staff. The players could play from once to so much that they donate like millions of dollars (if anyone would want to.) They staff can be from mods, admins, ops, owners, co-owners or even builders. They keep the server healthy and fun. The rule-breakers can be from anyone who has a foul mouth to an infamous griefer. They obviously want to do everything in their power to make the server as horrible as they can. These people are usually banned.

What did that last paragraph have to do with this? Well, 3 different categories means that people experience the server in a different way. They have their own opinions on the server, so they play on the server however they want, even if someone else stops them: ie. getting banned. Just like PMC, we have these 3 categories. The bad guys are not obviously griefers but trolls, and the mods keep the site clean. We all have different roles on PMC, we all have different roles on servers, we all have different roles in life.

6 categorises of PMC. Servers, textures, blogs, skins, mods and projects. You all probably heard of Greytopher, DinowCookie, Scuttles, inHaze, MicDoodle and some really popular server creator. These people all do different things on PlanetMinecraft. For example, OliverFrenchie likes making YouTube blogs when plyr likes making HD skins. These are both considered blogs, but they are very different. These people might be well known around PMC, but they are well known as they are the person who wants to put in time and effort to make themselves famous. Could this be you?


No we are not the same, yes we might have a lot in common with another person. We have rights, we have a personality. We aren't the same. If the blog pic loaded for you, you would see about 5 or 6 faces merged in one picture. They are all different people. Every PMC user is different. I am different from all other intermediate bloggers, and even beginners. So that means you are who you are, not who you want to be. You will achieve your maximum only if you be yourself.

07/26/2013 8:07 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
You summed up what Rucka Rucka Ali puts in his videos. The way he does it is humorous, but not a lot of people see him as anti-racist.
04/25/2013 7:53 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Blockhead
"maturity does not come with age. If you really still think that 1 age younger than the minimum is too bad, and the person will be immature, well, that's sad."

Finally, someone understands.
02/23/2013 4:26 am
Level 23 : Expert Explorer
D: worst part for Asians are that they get called Chinese a s they're not Chinese

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