Werrcom To Dur 74000th Hunger Pains! [Rant]

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avatar JustaFleshWound
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It has been awhile since I made a rant, but this has been the first thing to come up here that has seriously pissed me off.

The Hunger Games. (Cue dramatic music)

The books were awesome, movie was good, but the minecraft is...euugh. It was a cool idea, 'The Survival Games'. I believe we can all thank epic2 for the original idea. But, it has gotten out of hand. I mean that in several ways.

What makes me angry the most was the timing. These 'Survival Games' really only started sprouting up AFTER the movie (although, epic2 posted his idea before the movie). This just goes to show that the majority have not read the books. I'm not saying everyone has not read the books, but when people say 'Peeta and Katniss are so cute in the games,' it makes me want to shove the book down their throat. This is more of a personal thing, as I get really ticked off when something I thought was popular goes more mainstream and gets completely ruined. (For all the older ones out there, try talking to a teen about Titanic 3D and you will get my point).

But now for the more serious issue. Quality, not Quantity. There are so many of these Games servers that you could play 10 Games in one day. However, most of them suck. Hard. These servers normally suffer from abusive and irresponsible admins, terrible setup, unstable servers, and/or unreliable players. I have tried about 5 different Games servers. Twice I was killed by the admins spawning an abundance of mobs or lava right on top of me, once the server crashed and never returned, another time only 3 players actually showed up, and the last one never got off the ground. Reference to Captain Sparkelz's experience of the Games for an example (3rd part is the worst). These servers should be more personal, like among friends, but mostly better organized in general.

Now, why is this a problem? Well, A: The popular server reel is almost dominated by these servers, preventing me from server surfing actual servers that might be good. B: The most recent 20 post box is pretty filled with Games server 'application' threads, making it hard to forum surf.

I may just be whining here, but seriously, if you are going to do something, do it right for once. -_-

CreditAll those crappy Survival Games servers.

04/29/2012 10:20 am
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XD Nice choice of picture
04/26/2012 7:08 pm
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04/26/2012 7:12 pm
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That's what a rant is my friend. :D
04/26/2012 7:20 pm
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hehe :3
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