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avatar AntoineOMEGA
Level 28 : Expert Architect
Imagine if Minecraft contained more realistic and natural world generation. The player would have so many more possibilities, new base building ideas, more exploration, more variety, and it would make the players experience more amazing. With more realistic terrain you would no longer have to spend all your time building on creating the needed landscape and instead find a spot and make the needed adjustments, and then use all the time you want on building your architecture. Yes, there are mods out their that add biomes and make your world more realistic, but they don’t seem too impressive when it comes to natural terrain generation, I haven’t found anything out there that has great mountains, canyons, waterfalls, volcanoes, and many other features that would motivate the player to explore their world.

If this idea was added than we would need some new blocks and mobs as well, because the experience just wouldn’t be complete without the creatures and terrain types that should be a part of your world. I’ll use a Volcano to elaborate upon my idea. It’s simple to have a mountain with an obsidian top and lava flowing out but what about cooling lava that would eventually turn to stone, or other volcanic rocks that could add differences between different types of volcanos. In the case of underwater volcanos we would need a new type of lava that wouldn’t turn to obsidian upon touching water. Maybe blocks that produce smoke, bubbles, and explosions depending on certain circumstances such as time loaded, underwater, or above land.

Now, lets move to better cave systems, why haven’t we seen epic caves with stalagmites, stalactites and pillars. It would be amazing to have a slot canyon, rapids, cascades, and other features that would add to the feel of the world, making the player more interested and resulting with them having a much better experience to walk away with, and share with their friends.

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