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What Comes From Within...

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avatar MrMagicBlox
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
What Comes From Within...
One of the Many Lost Tales of Minecraft

Written By: MrMagicBlox

Our story begins on a dark and dreary night not that long ago…. Our traveler was stuck in a thick forest during an intense down pour. The rain was pounding the ground and trees were swaying heavily back and forth. Struggling to move forward, he sought shelter by a nearby cave. Little did he know, by stepping in that cave he had begun a journey that he would never come back from. The rain began pelting harder and started to trickle down into the cave. Now, any sensible person would leave the cave in fear of flooding, but our friend was extremely cold from the storm that if he left the cave he knew he would not survive. His only choice was to light a torch and venture further. As he delved further into the cave, it seemed to get warmer. The noxious gases trapped between the walls of the cave made it seem as if you were in a decrepit furnace with rancid rotten flesh covering the inside. Our traveler started to ponder where he was going. Would he live to tell his tale? It seemed that he would be in there for a while, until something caught his eye. A faint flicker in the distance. Was it dangerous or something else? Walking closer, he noticed it was another torch mounted on an old rusted holder next to a door. What was even more odd was the short wall of rotted old wood that was built into the cave wall. The wood was very dark and seemed to have been there for centuries. A sense of uncertainty arose in his mind. Is this something he should even be considering, not knowing what lies beyond the door? Grasping at the hope of a warm safe place to recover, he drew his sword and counted to three…..1….he started to creak open the old rotted door …2…. His heart started to beat rapidly, not knowing what was on the other side…… taking a deep breath….3.. he FLUNG open the door, his sword at the ready...

But all that was behind the door was a small room, only large enough for a bed and a ladder going up. Quickly he moved into the room, shut the door, tipped the bed on it's side, and barricaded the door with it. He pushed his back against the bed barricade and slid down to the floor. His wet clothes were starting to give him the chills. Thinking quickly, he took the sheets off of the bed and put together a raggedy pair of clothes. Even though they were crude and poorly made, they were better than the cold, soaked ones he had on moments ago. He felt that he could finally rest for just a few hours before checking to see if the rain had stopped. He pulled out a small morsel of food and began to eat it, when he heard a faint rumble coming from outside of the door. It was a low noise like rocks falling and hitting the ground. He heard the noise again. This time, it seemed more like a thudding stomp. The sound grew louder and he felt the vibrations on the floor. He swiftly packaged away his food in his messenger bag and began stood up. The noise grew louder and clearer. Something was definitely approaching the room. He was trapped. No digging tools in sight, so he couldn’t dig a tunnel out. The noise grew much more intense and the pounding thuds on the ground started to crack the rocky ceiling above. Did he intruded into someone’s home? Or could it be something else that might be hungry too? He turned around and remembered the rickety old ladder in the ceiling. Wasting no time, he jumped and tried to grab the first rung, but missed. THUD, THUD… He tried jumping again, just barely grasping on before falling off. THUD, THUDD, THUDDD. The sound came directly from the other side of the door. Even though the bed was the only protection he had from anything opening that door, he grabbed the bed, quickly pushing it under the ladder. THUD……. The noise stopped. Our adventurer looked towards the door. He jumped on the bed, looked up, and jumped to catch the first rung. He pulled himself up as fast as he could, hoping to escape whatever was below. He finally made it to the top. He pulled himself up, drawing his sword at the ready just in case.

Surprisingly, he found himself at the end of a main hallway in a luxurious dark wooden mansion. He closed the trap door to the cellar and felt a sense of safety. Taking a breath, our adventurer slowly leaned up against a wall. He looked around and saw masterfully painted artworks on the walls, soft carpeting at his feet, and potted shrubs added a tasteful ambiance all around. Walking down the hallway, he came across what appeared to be the main living room complete with a small library section on one side of the room and some furniture in front of a fire place on the other side. The ceilings were high and it seems like someone was living here because the fireplace was on. Hoping they would understand his situation, he walked over and knelt down in front of the fire place. The warmth radiating out was very soothing and comforting. He worked on wringing out his clothes and gently laid them on the mantle to dry. Cozying up on the couch he began to think of how he could explain what he had gone through to others when he got back home. He started to drift off to sleep. His eye drew weary and he dozed off.

A short while later, our traveler was awoken by a cool draft. The room was dark because the fire had gone out and a draft was blowing down the chimney. Still a bit sleepy, he stood up and looked around the area to the side of the fireplace for more wood to start the fire again. He found a small log in the corner. As he picked it up he was immediately startled by a ghostly creature right in front of him directly in his face, nearly nose to nose with him. Grey soulless eyes and a look of despair and greed. Frozen in fear, he dropped the log. The creature started to push into our travelers body, passing through him and into the wall. Finally able to regain himself, he stumbled back toward the fireplace, falling onto the floor. He heard sounds coming from the walls. What he thought was a safe haven was certainly not anymore. Did something follow him from below or was this the source? Running out of the living room and into another hallway, he tried to find a window, or a door, or something that would get him back to the forest. Back to a road he could wander on or some other place that would be safer. Anything would be safer than this. He ran as fast as he could down the corridor and came across a room with another fireplace. This was the same room. He ran back into the hallway that had the trap door. Hoping to find the entry door there. Instead, he was greeted with a tall staircase leading to a second floor… he started to turn back, thinking he could go back down the ladder, but as he turned, three ghosts were slowly hovering down the hallway towards him. He had no choice but to climb the stairs. He was uncontrollably shaking, not knowing if he’d make it out. Struggling to climb the stairs, he looked back to see the ghosts following him up. He climbed faster and when he made it to the top, he ran around again. looking for a window, door, anything that would lead to an exit. There was only one door. An ominous tone appeared to come from the other side, but he didn’t care. As long as he could keep moving and running he felt that was his only option. Bursting through the door, he ran in but came to a complete stop…. There, in the room were three horrific monsters crawling out of their beds towards him. Seeing a door on the other side, he plowed his way through the monsters with one putting a large gouge in his left arm. Bursting open the door and running into the next hallway, he continued to run around frantically seeking some sort of exit, but only found more doors to rooms. He quickly thought of which door to try. Looking back the monsters were coming out of their room. He had to decide fast. He took the door in front of him and went to open it. He ducked inside what appeared to be a large conference room with a u shaped table, slamming the door and hiding behind it. He slid down the back of the door, putting his hands on his face. Why was this happening to him? He should’ve just stayed out in the pouring rain. His heart full of such sorrow and despair. Wanting to give up, he relaxed his barricade on the door slightly opening it. Then a warm touch came upon his shoulder and a raspy low voice from that seemed to come from the very depths of the darkness said “Welcome home son”.

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  • Mining_Mr_Fox
  • Level 28
  • Expert Architect
  • November 14, 2017, 12:34 am
Definately some potential here!
The end is a bit sudden and unexplained, though.
  • MrMagicBlox
  • Level 16
  • Journeyman Artist
  • November 19, 2017, 10:31 pm
These were placed intentionally. The increased pace at the end is symbolic of the mindset of the main character. When players read this, the text at the end becomes more streamlined and simpler, thus allowing the reader to read faster and feel like the story is moving faster, which for the main character that's what it would feel like as his heart would be racing a mile a minute.

The unexplained ending is there to leave the reader with the final mystery. Who said this to him? what does it mean? What does that say about our main character? Who is our main character? What does the title mean? This last final bit of mystery ties the story together.

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