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what I have worked on so far according to ps4 and xbox one builds.

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Hey all.

I Just recently purchased a new ps4 pro. And I have worked on my overworld for a half a year since late last year on my ps4 pro.
Coming up with tower idea's. I am going to have a high rise towers all linked up as a bridge with glass and cobblestone.
How I am finding the exploration and building construction on ps4 pro.

I installed a few texture packs.
the pirates of the carribean mash up and texture pack is awesome!
New captain Jack sparrow skin.
So I play as Captain Jack sparrow as a skin character.

The natural texture pack.

The clarity texture pack.

and all the other original default updated improved texture packs.

I have 2 worlds I am mainly working on currently.

my Pirate plunder world installed and activated with the pirates of the carribean Minecraft texture pack.-"on that world of course"
playing as captain Jack sparrow.

And my overworld in which I been building for 9 months.

The overworld has the clarity texture pack activated!

Also I have the greek mythology mash up and texture pack which is awesome!

If you guys have anything to say please comment on my blog.
Tell me what you think? Give me your feedback.

This is an update blog so I am updating you guys on what I am doing and what projects I will work on.

I have left my xbox one world for now. I have not built on that world for months.
You seen the pics of my bridge and my centres on my xbox one builds.

Please update me on your builds? are you playing on P.C/console?

Thank you guys! That's all I wanted to say.

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