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What I've Learned About... Building With Color

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avatar swiftfire211
Level 37 : Artisan Dragon
Hello again! It's time for the second part in my Minecraft tips series (part one here). This installment is about using color in your builds. Enjoy!
  • It's best to at least think of a basic color scheme before you start building. Otherwise, your build may end up messy, or you may end up having to rebuild areas if you change your color scheme.
  • If you want to build something with a lot of detail, it might be a good idea to choose colors that go well with blocks that come in stair, slab, and/or wall variations. These blocks are good for details, but come in limited colors.
  • Try to stick to two or three main colors, or else your build might be messy or hard to read. It's okay to use more colors, but try to keep them only as accents. Of course, if you're building a really large build, like a city, you could use more colors, but in this example it would be good to limit each building to only a few colors.
  • Generally, your build will read better if you put colors together in fairly large areas, especially if you're using highly contrasting colors, like red/green, orange/blue, yellow/purple, etc. (e.g. a large area of orange next to a large area of blue will generally read better than a small area of orange next to a small area of blue).
  • If you consistently don't like how your color schemes are turning out, try looking up and learning about color theory. It may sound complicated, but there are plenty of books and websites that do a good job of explaining it. It will help you understand why your colors look off, and how to make them look better.
  • Alternatively, you can look at pictures that you do like the looks of, or find some color palettes you like, and use blocks with similar colors.
Again, don't forget to leave a diamond if you find anything helpful! And be sure to let me know know if you're using my advice, or if you think there's anything I should add to this or future articles.


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