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What is a Noob?

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avatar penguinsrcool10
Level 8 : Apprentice Network
So, it's more than likely you've been called a noob on a server, especially if you are one of the younger minecraft players or you play minecraft a lot (Don't worry, they're just jelly most of the time :D ) Well, what is a noob you ask? The real definition is someone who is bad at video games or new to them, but seeing as this is a Minecraft website we will focus on Minecraft noobs.

It is what some of the older players tend to call immature younger players (if you are a young player please don't take offence from this, there are the mature young minecrafters which is probably you, and there are the immature young minecraft players who spend most of their minecraft time spamming "RAGE BUTTER DIAMOND" on servers) and what the 4-8 year old players tend to use as an equal name to 'smelly head.' 

Of course those aren't the real defenitions as I said before, but those are just some examples what it's commonly used for. So to conclude this noob means someone who is bad at videogames. Not many minecrafters I have met knew what it meant so that's why I made this blog.

This is my first blog so diamond if you liked it and please give me feedback in the comments  so I can make better blogs in the future. Seeya!
CreditDiabolusNeil for helping me improve on it while it was still under construction

03/15/2014 12:15 am
Level 36 : Artisan Mage
Minecraft noobs are no different from regular noobs, they are fairly new to the game. However, what you're talking about are just idiots that think saying anything related to "butter" or Sky is "cool". The number of these kind of people, however, have drastically decreased because Adam has decided to stop doing mod spotlights and focus on boring and original Minecraft server play videos.
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