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What is actually bad about "Squeakers"?


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So lately i've been browsing teh forums (What else can I do with my life?) when I came across a server application page, I of course don't want to be staff on anymore servers than I already am but I saw a 12 year old, awesome dude, very detailed app, get rejected simply because he was a "Child" so to say. I find this disgusting, being a 15 year old myself I understand the mental control it takes to keep your cool when a child is shrieking into the microphone but honestly, have you every stopped and realised that YOU were once 12, it's not like you spawned into this world as a fully grown man/woman. I'm fairly sure if you were a 12 year old, and knew everything about what you were applying for then get denied, that would probably make you upset.

Which leads me to my next topic, calling squeakers ragers. Let me enlighten you, just because you decline a child because of their age, and they ask "Why?" does not mean that you can ask them "U MAD BRO?!". This is only provoking them to actually GET mad.

Now for maturity, I understand that many people have made rumors that just because someone's voice is high makes them stupid, or dumb. If so, take time to watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqp6GnYqIjQ

If you're to lazy or you can't watch the video, basically this lady divides a perfectly normal 3rd grade class into 2 groups, blue-eyed children, and brown-eyed children. The blue-eyed children were considered "Above" the brown-eyed children and started bullying the other children, chastising them for simply having brown eyes, keep in mind that before hand, all the children had equal grades. After the experiment, the brown eyed people's marks dropped. Simply because they were being judged. Compare this to the "Squeaker" vs "Teen" argument. They can be the same age, just because they have a higher voice, means nothing.

There ends my rant, if you agree, diamond. If you disagree, still diamond cause yolo? :D

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Very good points you brought up, and I love the example of the video, backs the whole thing up even more.
I'm 13 myself, and seeing someone be declined or discriminated based on age is sickening to me. Diamond'd.
I'm a kid an I don't act like dis dis is offensive to me in not even ten

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