What Is the Point Of Minecraft?


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Well The #1 Question Non-Minecraft players ask is "What is the Point of minecraft?" Well the answer to that question is To basicly Have fun. That is what most games are about! Am I right? You can also make it as fun as you want. Everyone's experience is Different! So you can share to each other what Experiences you had to help them understand minecraft more. This Blog will also actually Help people who want to quit Minecraft because of others. Well guys if you have someone who wants to quit, tell them that they are giving the people who are making them quit exactly what they want. Your suppose to put up a fight. And try to put up walls that disconnects you from them. Don't just take it in, Let it roll off your back and Don't even care to look back On them!


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  • TeOzMath
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  • October 24, 2013, 10:43 am
This submission belongs to the "Articles" section I believe. You have posted it in the "Reviews" section. :P

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