What it is like running a server, keys to success.

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Hello PlanetMinecraft peoples! This is going to be my first blog!

Running a server and keys to success!

What is it like?

A lot of work. A lot of people seem to think a server is a good way to just make some cash. So they just throw a few plugins together and pay $100 to advertise. This is not what you want to do. And you don't want to be making a server just for money. You want to be making a server for the fun of your players. To run a successful server you need to be dedicatedto running it. A server does not just work. It does in fact require some knowledge. Although the knowledge is not all that difficulty and there are many tutorials on how to code Java, YAML, JSON, and so on. I personally own a server and spent about 2 months running it privately on my home computer and testing it to make sure everything was good. In fact, to this day I make changes at least once a week.

Costs, and how you should take advantage of plans

A majority of server/MC hosting companies will offer you different hosting plans with different amounts of RAM and processor speeds. When you first begin paying for server hosting, do NOT go straight for the biggest plan! Go for something with maybe 1GB of RAM and move up once more players join. This way you're not paying $200 a month to have 2 people online.


Obviously, donations is how you are going to pay for your server. If immediately when people join you ask them to donate, they might just leave because they know that you might be only running the server for money.

ONLY ask for donations once you have 10+ people online and they are comfortable staying on your server. If you need to ask at all.


All server owners know what its like to have someone join and ask for mod and then leave when you decline.

I've learned a few tricks about keeping players online, and choosing staff.

1. Watch them, talk to them. - The more you know about them the better. You need to be able to trust your staff.

2. Noob : "Can I has Op" Owner: "Play lots and you might have a shot at mod!" - I suggest setting up a website with forums or an email address that players can apply for staff to.

3. Keep them online. - When my server was newer, we had 200 total joined users, and about 15 of them still played. To keep people online, you want to offer them stuff to make them not want to leave. Like make them apply for a basic member rank instead of the noob one on your forums, offer them a teleport FAR out to where they can build, and talk to them lots. If you're just sitting there doing nothing while they're trying to have fun, they'll probably get bored just playing alone and not talking with anyone.

4. Rules - every server needs them. I recommend Essentials' /rules (rules.txt)

5. Choosing your staff. - I suggest setting up an email/forums with a place where users may apply. Make an application format so they know what to include. Make sure you overview them carefully, a lot of users tend to lie about their age. Skype is a good way to verify.

Got suggestions? More questions? How was my blog? Feedback is appreciated below in the comments!

If you're wondering/want to check out my server the PMC page ishttp://www.planetminecraft.com/server/twistedcombat/



10/26/2013 12:00 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Artist
Feedback is welcome.
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