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Free Movement Mod Course, starting gate.

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Level 41 : Master Archer
Hey everyone yeah so I haven't really been uploading a lot of things this past month so I hope to get some things done this week. First off I've been getting really excited about the smart movement mod which is starting to show a LOT more potential so I'm building up an obstacle course to show off some of the features.

Secondly I've been working on my adventure map called Book One: The Scholar (Link here) wich revolves around notes left about a Co-Op designed world to solve the mystery of the scholar and to conclude what is happening in the lands. I've put a lot of time into this one and I hope to realease the final version in about a month or two.

Right now though I have to get the notes realigned and continue to build up Enderfall (The city/ fourth dungeon)

Other than that I don't think you'll be seeing very many skins from me right now, but if a request comes in I'll always be happy to oblige.

Thanks for listening I hope you enjoy what I have in store!


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