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What makes a good server. My opinion

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avatar aman207
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I have seen my fair share of servers that have gone offline since I have been a Minecraft member. Mostly, this is because of lack of funds, but sometimes its other factors.

In order to have a successful server, you need to have an excellent community. A server without a community is no server at all. If your members constantly disagree with each other, or don't get along, then you have not created a good community base. This can be helped by talking with your members. Joke with them a little. Run some fun events like drop parties. Talk with your new members. Show your existing ones how to help one another. If you are a respected staff member, your members will follow you like a chicken with seeds. So, show some initiative!

Another thing that makes a good server, is good, mature staff. You want someone who can joke around with your members but be serious when he/she needs to. You don't want someone who wants to be staff for the perks. This will end up with poor staff that don't care about anything but the perks they have. If they naturally help members in game without asking for any reward, then they are most likely a good candidate.

The next thing is the server design. Like the spawn and what features your server has. A spawn should usually consist of anything a player would need during his/her course of being on the server. Like a shop, or a place to find all the server warps etc. Your spawn should also look neat and organized. Making it look pretty also helps. Try to recruit some builders on the PMC forums. I'm sure there are many that are willing to help. I wouldn't go with a premade spawn. This is unoriginal and some members might think you are tying to be a copy cat.

When planning your server, try to stick to one idea. Don't start on an idea and then cut it halfway through. Finish what you started.

Don't be greedy with your donations! Try to offer fair perks for donation amounts. Don't try to rip off your members. Making a minecraft server should be about the fun, not the money.

So in conclusion, you should have a good, strong community, mature staff, a good server design, and don't try to rip off your members!

And last but not least, have fun!

P.S Think I missed something? Post a comment below. I appreaciate your feedback :)

10/07/2013 10:59 am
Level 83 : Elite Programmer
also making custom plugins helps a lot aswell
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