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what makes me a minecraft (my story)

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avatar Burrito_Lord
Level 13 : Journeyman Pokemon
so I first discovered mc (Minecraft) when I was about 7-8 years old on my sisters Ipad. I saw here playing the game and asked "what game are you playing" and she replied with " Minecraft, want to try it?" so I obviously replied with yes and that's where it all began. After about a month I asked my dad if I could buy the game for my laptop and he said yes obviously. I started like a noob just like most but as I played I became better.

I've been playing for about 2-3 years now and still love the game and stay up to date on mojang.com. I think the impact the game has had on me is that I now want to grow up and be like notch. make video games. I think the impact I have had on the game is the encouragement to Mojang to make more updates by buying the game.

so as I started playing mc I heard of mods and began my modding journey. then I stumbled across pmc (Planet Mnecraft) and have stuck here for quite a while. I mainly play mc due to the fact that I have a big imagination even if I don't show it. I can literally make what ever I want even if I need mods! Again, I love mc and it has really changed my life and I think that us as a community have changed notch's, and the team of mojang's, lives and we should all be proud of that just as much as they should be proud of us for buying there game. I don't really have a thing that I do most in mc except having fun. I think we can all agree that notch has really done alot and changed all of our lives. Thanks for reading and I hope that you agree with me!!!

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