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What makes me a Minecrafter? - My story of how I started playing Minecraft.

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avatar Wooouh
Level 35 : Artisan Vampire
It was the winter of 2010, and Minecraft Infdev has just been released, and many, many people in the kindergarden (At that time, I was 6 of age), were playing it... I started wondering why was that blocky, weird game so popular... Classic versions were used by people who wanted to show off their fantasy, or just using it and improving it when building huge buildings, making castles and other really cool things. At that time, ships were the most detailed, which means good, things that you can build, and they caught my mind... After some time, I asked my parents out if they can buy me the game. Of course, they refused to do so, and downloaded me the cracked game. I did learn how to build nice things, however, but only on survival, since my parents downloaded the survival version, Infdev. By that time, I've built my first ships. Which were not good. After some time, I gave up building ships on survival, and started a new world, in which I started a survival, making houses, mob farms, and I'm still playing on this world even today, however.
After almost an year, Beta 1.8 was released in October-November 2011, where creative mode was added. This gave me courage I can start building gorgeous buildings once again, because I had flight, and all blocks in something like a backpack for the first time! These old days were the best I've ever had, and I started to improve my skills, by making more detailed things, using steps and slabs, not just a huge stone house with no essential detail... I still remember these days as my best, and most interesting...
After exactly two years, ten months and a quarter, Minecraft's full version 1.8 was released, making everything even better... Now, we had everything updated in 1.5.x,1.6.x,and 1.7.x in a box, literally. As well as new features, VBOs to remove lag, OptiFine does that better aswell... And loads of new ways to make complicated detailing, like a huge superdetailed pillar easier. The best thing added was the ocean temples (where is my Infdev-old world's new base) and the new type of silverfish - the endermite, which is really, really cute. What I don't like is the bats added in 1.5, because they are super annoying, and are in all my caves that I'm making fortifications in. But still, after 1.10 got released, Minecraft is getting better and better, and I hope it will continue to do so in the future.


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So... you have a cracked version?

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