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What Makes Me A Minecrafter

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avatar MrScaryPvP
Level 25 : Expert Robot
What Makes Me A Minecrafter?
when i first heard about this game i didnt knew what is this at all...
One day i talked to my friend on skype and i played a different game from minecraft
i asked him what does he playand then it was the first time i heard the name
he used "share screen" on skype so i will be able to see whats he build, and when i saw this game i saw something amazing!
i saw that you can show your skills in this game and also its a relaxing game you dont become angry because you always die or something you just survive and build and when i saw it i told him give me this game:D

when i first entered the game i created the world without changing the setting without nothing and i sayed i just want to build something huge!
i wanted to build a football stadium... (that happend 4 years ago)
it took me hours and hours of work only to do it flat place! I started on a mountain and slowly i removed it and started to build but unfortunatlly my computer stopped working and everything remove:(
but then i pressed the settings and i saw that i can do it super flat world!!
i was so happy that i can finally work without mountains or ocean around, so i started to build my stadium, and few days later i finished my stadium and i sayed that its the best game i have ever played!!
When i finished the stadium i looked around and i saw that the world is flat!!!
i had so many opportunities to build and then i just started to build anything that i had in mind... from roads to houses to villages and to skycrapers!
well it was my first world so i still wasnt the best in building... i built houses from wood only and slowly i started to upgrade them i used logs and stones
I really loved the old style build but i didnt really wanted it so what i decided to do is to try to be more creative... i started to build a modern houses and skycrapers...
i have huge stages that i built and city and much more!!
then i started to do some survival but not by my self, i decided to do my first survival as a youtube series and it was really popular at the beggining, 2 years later i did a series with my friend(also a survival series) and it also was good then i sayed the from now on im gonna be a good minecrafter:D
I started to play alot of servers like hypixel and more...
i did projects with my friends, i built a city and i uploaded videos of it to youtube, i did tons of survival world with all my friend, also my best friend i met on minecraft,
then i realized that its much more the just a GAME!

2 years ago when the Fifa world cup 2014 was on i decided to build the stadium and to publish it in the day of the final, me and my friends worked hours by hours, days by days
and i really loved what i got at the end:D
My first fully build stadium... i decided to publish it in this website planet minecraft
and few weeks later i was impressed that i got to more then 100 download and more then 500 views!!!

for me my first project was a huge succses!
and i saw that my project was popular so i decided to upload more projects...
i didnt had alot of time so i uploaded my better project few months ago and its also was good!
i also started to join contests, my first contests was the chunck challenge and i still didnt knew how this contests worked but i really loved it and i wanted to start participiting more contests like this one...
well back to minecraft:D
when i uploaded my map my friends wanted my to be the builder on their server and i was like "yes guys plz" and then i finally started to grow in minecraft and also in servers...
Minecraft is also a community Because:
i had a great server that i played(factions server) and i had the second best faction in the server and i decided to be friend with someone and i realized that this "someone" was the owner of the biggest faction on the server and i finally realized that its also a very friendly game although we had a compation between our factions we still were friends and i always played with him minigames and i traveld in his faction and he traveld my faction and we had a great time together:D
and i also play this game with all my friends, from school, from my country, and from other side of the world!!
Minecraft community is like a huge family for me cause every day every time someone find him self a new friend or a new placed the be want to be:D

Minecraft is also a game that full with inspiration...
i got inspired from other people to build modern houses and skycrapers when i saw them doing it✔
i wanted to be with the best faction on the server i played✔
i wanted to build a football stadium and to publish it right in the final day ✔
i buyed a Minecraft account that makes me extremely happy✔
i tryed to build my own city and make it popular on youtube✔
i wanted to start join contest on this website only because it minecraft stuff ✔

I really hope you like my story cause after all its the story of my last 4 years of Minecraft time and i really hope that ill be better and ill succes with what im doing my project and also everyone else:D
wishing every one a very good luck from me

That is the kind of community that i ment, you meet different people from different places
and remember:

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3 replies

07/30/2016 7:55 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Nerd
You should. >:(
07/30/2016 4:43 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
You should use paragraphs and use proper grammar, just some advice. :D
07/30/2016 7:02 am
Level 25 : Expert Robot
thnx for the idea ill try to fix it...

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