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What Makes You A Minecrafter?

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avatar captainpantsless
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
The way how a minecraft player starts is by being a noob right? but in later on in life they discover to be a Mincrafter. Now what is a minecrafter you might ask? well i say that specific is to be who you are. Its not being "The most professional way to become one, its how you do it and what makes you. There is all kind of certain people who are minecrafters such as builders like keralis, FITmc as a great pvper, Skythekidrs as gaming, or even being a noob forever could be a minecrafter by just how they do there thing.

Now lets take a Builder for an example. On there first time trying to be one they must learn the basic's, its simple they have to add texture to their design. Then they choose to either add stairs or slabs as their roof to the home, its kind of those kind of examples like those i pointed out towards you to be how a minecrafter could be like.

A pvper as a beginner learns to do certain kinds of moves to attack quickly than others as time goes by. As they learn that they get better, they soon know more and learn more than others as time goes by. Quickly they'll be a great pvper as they can fight any expert on the servers of MC with any tools they know as a minecrafter.

A Gamer for MC basically is just how you want to do it, you can choose any arcade games to choose from on a server. This kind of relates to pvper's but for an example: When times flies by they learn the game. Soon they'll know how to get better and qucikly they will become a minecrafter at games.

It just all matters to what makes you, and what you want to do. Don't let it down if someone tells you if you are not good enough to be one. Everyone can, they just have to have a start to become being one.

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