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What makes YOUR Planet Minecraft submission unsuccessful?

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wms98 avatar wms98
Level 49 : Master Architect

What makes YOUR Planet Minecraft submission unsuccessful?

Take about 2 minutes to read this blog and I hope you will look at your minecraft submissions differently. Read all the way through and if then you are still having trouble ask me :).

Are you one of the people of say or think any of the following?

"I know, I will upload as many skins or easy builds as possible, that way I will get loads of XP and Diamonds!"


"There is no point doing any good submissions, no one takes any notice. The good ones are drowned out by really bad submissions"


"I cano t be bothered. [Insert some dramatic excuse here] ! YOU EXPECT ME TO WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!"


Then you need help, seriously! Before you upload a file you should think in the eyes of Steve, a bog standard minecraft player and go through the motions of what will make him pick your submission. So let's go through the steps:

Steve types in the theme of what he would like in the search bar. Your job is to make him see yours. This takes two parts, regular updates to keep yours on top of the recently updated list and good tags. Your tags should remain relevant to your submission but cover all of it. There is nothing worse than making a photo realistic texture pack, putting loads of work into it and fail to put "realistic" as a tag. Do both of these things well, with detail then Steve will glance at the work but not click on it and move on.

That is where the next part of Steve's journey continues, you need to make sure that he clicks on your submission. This involves another two things. A catchy title and a brilliant featured image. If in doubt, think what made you click on this blog? Featured images should be clear and nice to look at. Another good thing to get into doing is to go onto your field on planet minecraft, be it the texture pack home screen, the skinning page or the server list and look at the popular reel. Take inspiration from it and if you really cannot make a featured image well then ask someone on PMC to do it for you. You will be surprised how many people want to do art for you! So, this being said, there is no excuse for a bad featured image.

So Steve has clicked on the image and now what? You want him to diamond and download the submission but the only thing that will do that is a professional looking page and good images so poor Steve can see what he is downloading or diamonding. It helps a lot if you use a shader or a program to enhance your pictures, but remember Steve wants to see your submission, not your photo editing skills, so some in-game screenshots are normally nice.


Well done by now Steve has done everything you want him to. But you are still not popular! Well the bellow section will cover why:

Not enough views: Using the above, you can realize that this is most likely your featured image, your name, or tags. Check these to see if there is something you are doing wrong. It could be a problem with the submission idea being unoriginal in itself or you being too unrealistic with your Goals.

Not Enough Downloads: The first problem you should check is the above as a small amount of views will lead to a smaller amount of downloads. If your views are fine then it is almost definitely your images. Also make sure that you have text, not just:

" hi errrm this is my first texture pack/build, hope you enjoy!!!"

Although this might help, make sure your submission deserves the credit, if Steve doesn't like the idea or the overall product, then he won't download it. You will find it is a lot easier to do all the rest if you have a strong submission in the first place.

Quality not Quantity! - Your mindset should be that you should make your submission the best it can be before you make another one. It is far too common that people make 100s of skins/projects that are really bad and so instead of improving it, they make another one of equal quality. You will not learn quickly doing this and all it achieves is it spams your account with rubbish submissions. Before you put it on PMC say to yourself "Am I Happy with this? Would I download it if I saw it?" if the answer is "no" make it better!

Please remember, if this helps you diamond it, as it may help others. There is no point hoping to get diamonds yourself if you don't give them to other people.

Thanks for reading!

I would like to thank everyone who gave a diamond and helped get this post on the popular reel! Thank you very much!


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Update #1 : by wms98 07/20/2013 10:41:29 amJul 20th, 2013

Added more about Quality v Quantity for those who were confused about what I was trying to say in the comments.
Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes pointed out to me
added image
popular reel and diamond thank you!
Changed some formatting

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10/07/2013 6:50 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
hofsethh avatar
Hey wms, whatever happened to the server? I really love it and I am befuddled with the disappearing act of it! I visited Fhb and he said you guys are gonna get a new host soon. Is that correct? :D Please respond and tell me what happened to my DPhogwarts! :)

10/18/2013 10:54 am
Level 49 : Master Architect
wms98 avatar
Hey, sorry i have not been on much recently but I Hope to be on more in the near future. The server was down i believe but I just reset it so it should be on at the time of writing this message. in tearms of getting a new host, I would love to and we are thinking about it but we do not have infinite money sadly :( and we are looking into getting one roughly as cheap that will not keep crashing.

Any questions ask me, devilkid or fhb, again sorry for any inconvinience
07/19/2013 5:04 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Ninja
darkman3529 avatar
i'm going to take your advice but I never really know what to say about my projects what could I do for that
07/20/2013 4:48 am
Level 49 : Master Architect
wms98 avatar
I think in terms of projects, pictures definitely speak louder than words but I would also include things like:

FAQs, eg.
  • how long did it take to build?
  • Can I use it on my server?Ã
  • What texture pack did you use? etc.

Also are there any rules that people must follow if your build is a game.
I would also give details on how I built the map, by hand?World Edit? MCedit?
If your writing is long and takes up a lot of space I would separate them with more images that are not in your main viewer thing. The reason for this is that, in my opinion, it is much more likely for someone to read the text if there is an image that draws there eye. It is also important so that they don't loose interest in a long piece of writing just to break it up.

hope this helps
07/20/2013 7:19 am
Level 34 : Artisan Ninja
darkman3529 avatar
ok thx
07/19/2013 8:05 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Blacksmith
abacus avatar
07/19/2013 6:23 am
Level 22 : Expert Grump
Arty avatar
Well, my PlanetMinecraft submissions ARE successful. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
*yolo's away*
07/19/2013 2:50 am
Level 1 : New Toast
LeSwankLion avatar
"There is no point doing any good submissions, no one takes any notice. The good ones are drowned out by really bad submissions"

A-F*cking-Men bro, you're speaking the truth especially in the skins topic there's nothing but the same emo-hair skins with headphones. Impossible to get anyone to notice your work on this website.
07/18/2013 1:59 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Musician
warriorxxxDDD avatar
I've got worse now... I have such a bad luck
07/18/2013 5:26 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Lumberjack
WelcomeToAmania avatar
I completely agree but I can't help but get frustrated when something which I have put a lot of effort into takes 1 week to get 20 views meanwhile badly written, un-original blogs get 200+ views. I'm not saying entirely that my work deserves those views but I see so many other good pieces on work put out there and doesn't get the recognition they deserve.
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