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What PMC means/does to people...

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Lex-Mine avatar Lex-Mine
Level 40 : Master Electrician
Hello, my name is Lex.

I'm here to tell you about my personal experience with PMC.

A Quick Intro + Clearifying
Alright, first off, I want to tell you that I love PMC for what it is. This Blog might contain parts which you not agree with, or think are not true. I just tell you what my experience is and what I think PMC does to Mappers. Okay, I've been a member of PMC for 2 months now. I have some great maps out there and I always hope that my Maps will be seen by people, that people will like them. Sometimes though, PMC makes me addicted to the attention I sometimes get. This often gets me in a mood, where I want to pump out maps like water in the Netherlands. The quality goes down and in the end I wasted my time on something I'm not even proud of.

The Point of this blog
3) PMC, as awesome as it is... You are able to look up amazing maps, quick and easy. But why isnt there a button to start with the least popular maps? I would love to get inspiration of things I havent seen 91340827 times yet!

What PMC can do to make PMC more user friendly
- Instead of puttng someones subs in the order of highest EXP Level, put them in the order of ''For the last time online''.

General Conclusion
In the end, I think it would be good to click that diamond a bit more often, sometimes, I just press that button. Even if I don't like the Maps. The already famous people are kind of like a giant shade over all the other talented people out there. Just show some love once in a while. That diamond, it's not for showing that you like the Map! It's for showing the maker that it's good that he spent some time on his/her map. Critisism is never wrong, but don't hate, just leave critisism and a diamond.

*I might add some more stuff to this, but I'm tired and don't feel like thinking right now*


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