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avatar Cherishing
Level 15 : Journeyman Pokemon
Flowers have many purposes in the game. It could vary from decoration or dyes. What happens after you have too many leftovers? Heads up, I wouldn’t litter your shelter with flowers. What if there was a way to make these flowers a little more useful instead of sitting all dull in your garden? With just a bit o’ crafting and skill that could possibly happen. They would be entitled “Flower Charm Perfumes.”

The “Flower Charm Perfumes” would depend on the flower. These perfumes will have a strong scent which can lure in a specific mob. For example, did you find an end portal? Endermen can be a little on the difficult side to catch. Can’t Mojang just give us a break? That’s where the perfumes work their magic. The crafting recipe would be the appropriate flower, sugar, blaze powder, and a glass bottle. The scent of the flowers will compel the mobs to beckon to your side. Finally! A perfect way to find resources faster. Hey it just gets better from here! The perfumes can work with peaceful mobs too. Ah yes, finally you cannot starve to death because of your scarcity of food. Same animals or mobs may use the same flower, instead it will replace blaze powder with magma cream or the appropriate ingredient, due to the lack of flowers ingame. Alas, there will be some criteria to follow. You cannot use blaze, or any nether mob, perfumes in the overworld. It will have no effect and will be a waste of materials. There won’t be any perfumes for the Ender Dragon or Wither.

The perfume can have up to IV, which means the more it has the more the type of mob will come. The bottles will look different so it can be more evident than to regular potions. The perfumes aren’t perpetual, they’ll only last for three minutes.

Not only will this be a fast and reliable way for resources, it helps with food and experience. The perfumes will actually give flowers a more useful purpose instead of decoration. It’s a simple and easy way to survive in the world of Minecraft.

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