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What's Your Gateway Game?

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avatar JustinRunyon
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What is gateway game? A gateway game is a game with simple rules that are easy to follow for new gamers. These games are usually straightforward because most people who want to start gaming don’t want a complex game full of hard strategies that they probably wouldn’t want to figure out. This game for me was Jak and Daxter on Playstation 2. The 2001 Naughty Dog production has simple rules, an easy tutorial, and an amazing storyline.

Jak and Daxter was given to me when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I was a bit hesitant at first to play it because I had been watching other people play games for a bit and only playing here or there. I figured I would give it a shot because what really did I have to lose? I slipped it into the system and waited. The opening cutscene was absolutely mesmerizing. Samos the Sage expressed everyone’s concern for the precursors disappearing and this is where Jak and Daxter were introduced and while I love all the characters, Daxter is my favorite. The little fuzball has a quick-thinking sense of humor and is sarcastic to a fault. Despite all of this, he is always right beside Jak during their adventures.

When I started actually playing around, I went straight for the Forbidden Jungle that Samos’s daughter had mentioned. The jungle was beautiful and so very green. The music in the jungle was very immersive and gave you that creepy feeling you should get when you walk into a real live forest. My favorite quest here was the fishing. The fisherman was just as sarcastic as Daxter and in return for catching his fish, he allowed the boys to use his boat at the dock.
Another thing I love about the game is how easy and quick it is to finish quests. I mean, you’re in one place for a while, but the quests are usually quick and simple. This reminds me of when I played Sly Cooper. Both of the games had quests that you could finish within a quick amount of time. I don’t usually like staying on one quest for too long.
I only have one thing that I absolutely did NOT like about the game: the lifespan. You have 3 lives plus an extra one and they’re 50 points of health, but the catch is that one hit takes an entire 50 health points. This is another similar thing in Sly Cooper. One hit could almost completely diminish your health if you didn’t have a backup.
Despite all of that, I absolutely adore Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper. I still play both to this day! If you are just starting to look into video games, I suggest looking into these classics. I guarantee that you will fall in love with them just as I did. If you are into video games, I want to know...what game got you addicted to it? I would love to know!

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