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Ratings of Ores!

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Smarthck_YT avatar Smarthck_YT
Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
What the heck! I found litteraly 6 Diamonds in desert temple! I mean 3 in one chest and 3 in Other. But who cares!? Diamonds are cool. I mean Here are ratings of ores (my rating)

Coal: 5/10 its very useful for torches, but nothing else is special

Redstone: 6/10 Good if u are Redstone engineer
Gold: 8/10 Not good tools of It, but Golden apples i love!

Emerald: 7/10 even my favorite is Emerald, its only for trades, i rly want Mojang and Microsoft to add Emerald tools.

Diamonds: 10/10 Its greatest ore till Netherite camed. No words to describe!

Ancient Debris: 11/10 Its netherite!

Lapis: 7/10 Its useful for enchanting, and nearby it theres always 99% chance of finding Diamonds.

What do u think? Are your ratings similar? Please write down in comments! Don't forget to Like, give Diamond and Subscribe!

Have a Nice Day!

13th October 2021. by Smarthck

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