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What to expect for 1.17 minecraft update

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Kitten101 avatar Kitten101
Level 25 : Expert Strawberry
So we know the nether update is coming sometime today (June 23rd) But you probably have some questions about the nether update and maybe what the next update will be!?

First I will be talking about the nether update

Nether update:
So all the biomes are: Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soulsand valley, Basalt Delta, and the nether wastes!

New nether mobs are: Piglins, Hoglins, Striders, and Zoglins.

There are new trees and alot more to explore I'm not going to spoil it all.

1.17 ideas on what it could be?!

1. It could be an End Update
2. It could be the cave update
3. It could be the mountain biome update
4. Savannah biome update
5. Swamp biome update
6. A new dimension

Those are what it could be but most likely it will be mountain, end, or cave update.

Also comment what you think it might be

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06/24/2020 11:50 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Warrior
Idelac avatar
I wouldn't mind a cave update but what I REALLY want is a new dimension.
Something like a post-game one.
06/24/2020 5:37 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Engineer
theryrover360 avatar
people voted for the mountain update on the last minecon earth so that's prob what it will be
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