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What to expect of Ender-Dragons

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The Ender-Dragon is a new mob that is going to be included inside the game in the near future. The dragons have 100 health points witch will probably make them very difficult to kill. The dragons are not supposed to spawn in the real world hence their destructive force as they are not supposed to spawn in the nether. The dragons are supposed to spawn in a new dimension called "The End". Not much is known about this dimension yet except for the fact that the portal is going to be flat instead of being horizontal. The Network ID for the dragon is going to be 63. The dragon is supposed to have 6 limbs and will burst into 5 aggressive endermen on death. The class files for the dragon are included in minecraft 1.9 pre-release 4 yet no dragon is actually naturally spawned. You can manually spawn a dragon by blocking in the end dimension with a golden sword.

Other dragons such as a red dragon will be smaller, easier to kill and will spawn in the real world. If you have not heard of the Ender-Dragons go to minecraft-wiki for more information .

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pretty sick
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=) can't wait
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