Whats in 1.9 you ask?

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Hello all of PlanetMinecraft.com!
I'll bet you all are wondering whats in 1.9 eh? Well its simple because I have the 1.9 beta. There is something called the snow goblin. Wanna know how to make it? Well you get two snow squares and put em on top of each other and then put a pumpkin on top of the snow blocks and it automatically comes to life! What else you say? Blaze Rods, Nether Wart, Ghast Tear, Nether Block Fence, Nether Brick, and much, much more! Now don't go thinking that your snow goblins will hurt you because they don't! they only go after mobsters! And guess what, They work good for turrets! They through snow balls at any mobster they see. And one more good thing about them is that they go close to a wall if there's a mobster on the other side. Why? So you know that there's one there! And if you don't want snow in an area just don't build a Snow Goblin because they make snow when they walk. And one more thing, for some reason snow Goblins don't make snow on top of sand. :/ Maybe it's a glitch that will be gone in the official 1.9 release. I don't know but one more question you asked? Oh easy to answer. Yes! Of course there will be villagers in 1.9! You just earned your "Ah durrr!" patch! Lol, but anyways yes there will probably be lots of glitch and bug fixes in 1.9.

10/05/2011 2:05 am
Level 32 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Cool! Thanks for da one up.
10/05/2011 2:03 am
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wow thats long 1 UP!!
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