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What's Up, Minecraft? Ep. 4: I'm Back and Herobrine's Mansion


What's Up, Minecraft?

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Level 27 : Expert Dragonborn
Hey guys, I'm back to What's Up, Minecraft and I'm really excited for it. I promised a skin contest last time, and I am still planning on doing that contest, I am just busy at the moment. The theme will be Cavemen and Dinosaurs, as suggested by the previous winner juirox. Let's get on with it then.
This week's skin: The Ender Necromancer by Kefka, who was on the poular skin reel two times at once this week. Props to Kefka.
This week's skinner: We have a very talented new skinner on PMC called firewar18, who impressed me with a Green Arrow skin he made. Check him out.
This week's project: Without a doubt, Herobrine's Mansion. Hypixel knocked this one out of the park. The map has received 1150 diamonds in 4 days, which must be a record. The map takes advantage of many new 1.4 mechanics and techniques. I speak the truth when I say it is the best MC Adventure map I've ever seen. A lot of the big Youtubers that play MC have already done a video on the map. AntVenom, CavemanFilms, Yogscast, and SlyFoxHound, just to name a few.
This week's texture pack: With the release of Assassin's Creed 3, it seems appropriate to do the American Revolution pack as this week's pack.
What's next: I'm really looking forward to the Labyrinth, a 1.4 adventure map by disco_ and CNB. I'm curious to see whether it will be able to top Herobrine's Mansion.
That brings me to today's question: Hypixel or disco_? Why?

That's all for this week, guys. If you enjoyed it, comment, diamond, subscribe and favorite. I really appreciate all of your support. See you guys next week, Soccamaster out. :(D- Moustache 'n beard man says goodbye.
Credit:hypixel, firewar18, BeaversLikeWood, Kefka

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