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When Applying For a Staff Position. Do's and Don't's.

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Ya'kno i've been getting so sick of kids asking to apply for admin when your 12, i am not being discriminating to your age. Owners just want older mature subjects to be on staff. It really annoys me when they claim their past experience, i really don't care how you did on the other server by saying 'I've been on admin on 10 servers' it actually makes me VOID the Application from the applicant. Never do this. Atleast have some game time on the server? I mean its annoying when you join a server and instantly say 'Owner!' C'mon! Who is with me? If you are Diamond.
Being a successful owner of two servers in my history i know this as a fact there are lots of servers that have mature, official staff. it makes you think, where did they find these people? They are epic. Always extend your application longer then needed. Never lie and tell them everything even things they don't need to know, like how to configure permissions just to get them to raise a eye on your application. i have wrote up this application using a fake server name 'CronosCraft' Don't copy and paste this.. Thats just sad.

Please diamond for the heck of it :) <3

In game name:
Age: (must be over 12)
How long have you played on the server:
A Few Days
What are your past experiences of being a staff member:
I don't have many because i go onto one server and stay dedicated.
Why would we chose you over somone els:
I am not a 13 year old kid, looking to abuse. I'm a mature adult.
What would you do to help the server:
(Read Long Answer Below)
How do you deal with problems:
I think of rational suggestions that can prosper both sides of the issue, if mutual. If one faulted i would make sure he/she learns his lesson
Posts on forums: (must be more than 20)
How long do you play a day:
I would say 5+ Hours
Extra info about yourself:
I am Ryan, I am Seventeen years old and i live in the United States. More importantly California. I go by the Pacific U.S. Standard time. I have a lot of free time on my hands, so i decided what the heck? Why not help out a server. I'm currently only playing CronosCraft [Dedication]. In the past i have actually worked and Minecraft Server hosting companies doing plugins work, economic, managing funds, and last but certainly not the least of the four, working on permissions. I try to make your server look professional the best way i can by showing people that the staff care. I still like to play the game so if i was to hired the Spawning (If there is) or Gamemode (If there is) won't affect me, it just makes it easier to help others in their time of need. I will be a active member of the community as in being in a faction with non staff members chilling hanging out. Making sure everyone actually likes me. I put a great stress on my reputation for the most part but i will get down and dirty and do work. Unlike other applicants i'm not going to put "I've been admin on like 10 servers and co owner of 1!" Because i know you really don't care and if i was the owner i would actually discourage myself away from those applications because it shows how little time they've had to write out there applications. I am very good with websites, i would enjoy getting you off of the .Enjin. Sub Domain and get you into something more suitable for a well renounced server like CronosCraft maybe CronosCraft.net/com/org. I will be willing to do this, but i must say. I know the crucial factors to having a server run smoothy and working without lag. Thats why i know the good and the bad server hosting services and the do's and do not's on a server. One very big thing is Ping, a lot of people don't know that it really affects gameplay those seconds between pressing 'Enter' and your message appearing that's ping. The Green Bar (depending on texture pack) in your server list is ping. Ping also makes sure your server is responsive. Well... look at me here just blabbing on about the things i know about Servers.. because i think you may have fallen asleep i think i shall end it. If you would like to know anything please do ask
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