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When things go sour. and why they do so.

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avatar Blake1197
Level 23 : Expert Taco
For those who have downloaded the SVSR wondering if I'll make another, I will never stop making the SVSR's.

For those wondering, what happened to SVSR B, let's say I officially hate the mods on PMC, they removed BOTH SVSR's and rest my level back to level 1, but despite of this I'll find a loop hole to get past their rules, which I do think are too strict, I'll probably get to the point where I can make a site, that will contain the SVSR's

OH! Important news, me and End3rb0rn are making a collaboration texture pack, as I can't make terrain.png, and I'm the better at making the item sprites, I am going to try to let the creator of the faithful 32x, let us use their texture pack as a base , so unfinished default to their awesome textures, also, the textures that already exist are,
32x SVSR, so all the tools and armors (except chain and leather) are gonna focus around the swords, all the iron are endery and such, the diamond are gonna be essentially be entity's of evil and darkness, and so forth
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