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When was the crystal gem temple built

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There are fusions in steven universe that we all know, Opal , Sugilite, Alexandrite, and The temple fusion. We know from a different theory that the temple is a fusion of the all the crystal gems. Pearl, Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire), Amethyst, and Rose Quartz. But there is one fact that we are missing. If you have read 'Steven universe Guide to the Crystal Gems' on amethyst's page it states that amethyst was made after pearl, Garnet, and Rose quartz were done fighting the gem war. So, when did they build the crystal temple?

After Amethyst was made
While in the episiode "too Far" peridot states that amethyst was created 500 years later than the others. And we can assume after the gem war is when they stopped making kindergarten gems on earth. So that means that homeworld retreated from the kindergarten and had forgotten amethyst was still in the ground.  So after the gem war is when amethyst came out of the ground as 'overcooked'. 
 We can probably assume amethyst has spent some time in the kindergarten before the crystal gems had found her because she recalls climbing on a rock in the kindergarten. Maybe that is why she is so wild and is always shape shifting, while she had spent time in the kindergarten she had learned to survive to not get cracked or broken. This might be the reason she is a master shape shifter and does it so much is because she had spent so long in the kindergarten shape shifting into other things to meet her needs. And then after the crystal gems found her they recruited her to be a crystal gem. So we know from this evidence that Amethyst joined the crystal gems after Rose quartz, Garnet, and Pearl had won the gem war. So this points that the crystal gem temple was made at least 500 years after the gem war.
Made before Rose Quartz had met greg
When greg first met Rose Quartz, amethyst had led greg to the temple. So we know it had been made before greg or at least before beach city was even there.
Couldn't of been made by humans, only gems.
In the crystal gem temple we know it contains a warp pad, amethyst's room, pearl's room, Rose's room, and the bubble room. And to get to these rooms there is only 1 door. So the crystal gem proves to have some sortof, Gem technology only we have seen in the temple. Even in the gem rooms seem to defy gravity or defy some law. Which is probably not new on homeworld. We know that the warp pads were used by homeworld during the gem war. So it had only been made by gems who knew how to make this technology, so pearl could of possibly installed the gem warp pad because she knows how to use some gem technology because she was sortof knew how to fly peridot's gem spaceship.
From the evidence above I conclude the crystal gem temple would of had to be made over 500+ years ago, but 500+ years after the gem war.
Something else my evidence is pointing to
My evidence about amethyst coming out of the ground after the gem war points to another question. Why did they build the gem temple even is this fusion could of possibly been used in the gem war because of amethyst's absence. This also points to that Alexandrite, Opal, Sugilite,  and the fusion between rose quartz and amethyst had never fought in the gem war.

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Good idea. That is something to think about..

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