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When you Whiscash upon a deranking...

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avatar Miescha
Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
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Oops it's been a couple days since I've done a blog. School started, things got crazy... you know how it is. My bad!

Welcome to the Collegi Pixelmon blog where I talk about testing the server I own as a noob player - stripping myself of owner rank to make sure the whole server runs as it should when a normal player is on. Permissions can get a bit dicey when you're automatically granted everything, so in becoming a normal player I'm allowed to make sure that everyone can access portals, export, shops, gyms and all the fun things we have on the server! By the end of this series, I'll have earned c500,000, gotten the HM Fly, and tested a few of the lovely gyms we've built. On with the fun!

So I've been busy the last few days. After installing the AdventureMMO plugin, I went back to earning more cols and working on other necessary survival things. For example, I spent a good afternoon trying to build myself a set of water stone armor! Now, Pixelmon adds some really cool tools and armors to minecraft. The Water stone armor, for example, when you wear a whole set, grants you unlimited water breathing. now if you'll remember, we have an underwater mine called the Zensea mines that's absolutely riddle with gold blocks. Infinite water breathing means I can mine up as many of those blocks as I want without worrying about drowning. (There's a nice pressure plate that gives 10 minutes of water breathing and nightvision, but when you're busy often you forget that you've on a timer. I've almost died a couple times now.)

The armor took a bit of work though. First I had to explore the wilderness to find a pair of biomes o plenty flippers, a lovely item that you wear on your feet to swim about twice as fast. These items only show up in blacksmith shops in the chests inside, so I had to find and check about 5 different villages before I found some. They're not craftable, so I had to get really lucky. Since water stone ore is only found in oceans, it takes some swimming to get down to the ore, mine it up, and resurface. all in all, you need 216 water stone shards to make enough stones to make the armor. It took a bit. But after it was all done, getting money is a LOT easier.

I also spent quite a bit of time trying to level up my team to be able to challenge their first gym. Sadly, the easiest gym to challenge I'd already faced some time ago, so I picked Driftwind to try and defeat instead.

I couldn't do it.

Look, the gym is level 45 okay? And my highest level pokemon is only 41! My lowest? 26. So give me a break. We have more push ups to do. (That's how you make your pokemon stronger right? Push ups?)

Now, Destiny Islands Gym is easy, something like level 30 at its hardest. I would have been able to clear that gym no problem. But, as i found out, the server does in fact track which trainers you've faced. And since my gym trainers are all set to "Only allow one battle per player" I wasn't able to go test that one out. It didn't let me. Which I suppose is a good thing, that way no one is using the gyms to grind levels, since trainer battles grant more exp than wild pokemon battles. So that's working? And while I was trying to level up my pokemon, I caught a lovely whiscash and named him Wishery after a GREAT Pogo song. It's one of my favorites, and Wishery is a sweet little fishie that follows me around when I mine underwater.

However today I discovered that setting homes isn't working quite right. We have a rank system on the server, which is cool! And in this rank system you get five extra homes per rank that you get. It's donation based, but you always start with 5 homes so it isn't REQUIRED that you donate to be able to win on the server. We don't believe in that. And since I pay for the server, I've donated much more than $40 to the server. So I have myself as a Legendary rank, which should be able to set 30 homes.

I can only set five. That's a problem. But Zyra said she's going to look into that one so I don't have to worry about it. My other thing I noticed is that repair doesn't work quite right. But I'm not sure how to fix that one either. Maybe there's a note about it on the sponge plugin page. I'll have to check.

So, it's been three days since my last blog. I'm now at c233,888! Almost halfway to the goal!!! I told you the armor set made it easier. Soon we'll get through the grind of earning currency and get to just playing and building again. But things are going great so far, even with the little bugs and hiccups.

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