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Where Did Trust Go?

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Hi, my name is Bethenna, and I feel the need to talk to you about something...


I'd like to ask you to read the whole of this article if you're even going to read it at all, so you get where I'm coming from and don't get the wrong idea.

Have you ever felt that you can trust someone? In the dictionary the word trust means:

Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
Believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

Simple right? To trust someone is to be able to honestly rely on someone. It doesn't have to be trusting your life with them no, it comes as simply as trusting someone just to be nice to you. Simple as that.
Well today I'm going to talk about trust in the minecraft community.

So I'll tell you what. I used to play on an awesome free-build survival server! The community was great and everyone was really friendly. Nice right? Well one day a player logged on, they were new. They asked me and someone else I was playing with if they could join in and survive with us. Of course we said "sure, why not!" and gave them some items and a room in our house. We trusted them.

The next day when I logged on I found that the house had been griefed and the player that we thought we trusted had betrayed our trust. My previous 'friend' saw the damage and instantly blamed the grief on me. However I knew it was the person who'd asked to join us as they'd come on and I'd spoken to them...
This however showed that my friend who I trusted myself showed only a state of fake trust for me.

This brings me onto my next topic.

Fake Trust

Fake trust is what trust seems to be nowadays in minecraft. You do show trust to your partner in survival, only if something goes wrong or something hits you, you're still slightly weary that you can't trust that it wasn't them..
Didn't it used to be that you could go onto a survival server with some people you never knew and receive a warm welcome? Then you could just join someone or make a start yourself knowing that no-one would grief you, or raid you, and if they did they would be shamed upon? It was reassuring to know you could trust the server community enough to leave your house unprotected with no need for a faction plugin on the server to defend your property.

But where were faction plugins? Faction plugins probably weren't around at the time. Less people played minecraft, less plugins were developed. There weren't really many what you'd class as mini-games servers. The minecraft communities on servers tended to be more close because less people played the game. However of course this wasn't true on all servers, and I'm not saying it was. However now minecraft is a much larger game open to lot's of new people, plugins, and mini-games.

But let's just focus on survival servers for the moment..
How far does trust take us now?

It's like my earlier point. My friend and I survived together. We were friends. Or were we? Friends in minecraft terms doesn't mean you trust that person with your life or anything, of course you probably wouldn't with most people, only that you know them well enough to call yourselves 'more than acquaintances', hold a conversation, and count on them to not be mean to you. Truly trusting someone generally enough to know they definitely won't suddenly turn on you comes more in being good friends, knowing someonewell. Or even Best friends. Although of course knowing the people in real life helps. :-)

Fake trust, where we're fairly wary of the person we're hanging around with until we get to know them better, takes us as far as 'yeah I know them'. It takes us as far as that. That's it. Although real trust in an online friend takes us as far as good friends or further.

Because here's the thing. How can you fully put your trust in anyone who just comes up to you and asks to 'be friends' or 'survive with you'. Someone you don't know. The thing is you're not entirely sure. Why?

Minecraft is becoming more open to griefing as more people play it. More open to raiding more open to anything bad. More people play the game now so more people you haven't really met are on the game. Small communities seem to work well. For example you and a couple of friends sharing a village. But big communities aren't really communities anymore. Just a load of people most of which you've probably never come into contact with. You might have had an experience of fake trust or being betrayed on a survival server. I'm not talking about mini-games or hunger games where betraying is basically normalevenif you if you decide to team. That's just the game. People are more cautious due to the amount of people nowadays who are irresponsible, unreliable or can turn on you at any second without reason. It's life. It's what you have to do to be safe in life. But where was that years ago in minecraft? Now there are those people who pretend to be who they are not.

How many times have we heard of people pretending to be something or someone that they are not? An example you may get is when someone logs on a server pretending to be famous or using disguise craft to purposefully do exactly the same.

Anyway here is my point. Recently in minecraft I've began to think when I see nasty comments and people yelling at admins about grief in survival, or just generally anything mean on any server, I wonder...

Where Did Trust Go in the Minecraft Community?

It's not about the perfect minecraft community.
It's not about people being mean.
It's not about those who just generally be idiots.
It's not about people getting banned.
It's not about people being annoying or irresponsible staff.
It's not really about any of that..

If we want the perfect minecraft community.. we are missing one thing.. and that thing.. is
trust. And it's not even gone.

The ability to put our faith in others and to rely on people just to generally be kind and not be mean or pushy or annoying so that we have the perfect minecraft community.. So..

Where did trust go?

We make trust. We can make it better. With this minecraft will be a happier place where we can all just have fun without any of the issues people complain about... Not sure what I'm on about now?

Don't be afraid to put your trust in people. Trust is needed in life, in a community. It's important. I'm not saying trust everyone. I'm not saying trust them with your life. I'm not saying just leave your house alone and trust nothing will happen to it because it might or might not. I'm just saying trust people to be kind. If you trust people to just generally do the opposite of being mean then they will sense that and trust the same with you. Maybe not all the time but isn't it worth simply a try?

Minecraft CAN be how we want it to be, a place where you could trust most people just to be kind. Even complete strangers. You could be able to trust people not to be nasty, and instead to say 'gg' or 'well done' when you've won a game on a mini-games server etc. All I'm saying is everyone needs to be kinder.

Being kind is as easy as putting a smiley face at the end of a friendly comment you've made, making the effort not to rage or snap at people, and sticking up for others against those who don't deserve to be in what could be the perfect minecraft community. I mean is kindness hard for some people or something?

It's like when you've won a game on a mini-games server.. Trust is as simple as trusting your opposition not to rage. Once I won a game on a big server, and the person I'd just beaten messaged me and said, and I quote, 'I'M REPORTING YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE A HACKER', I mean really? Is just saying 'gg :)' hard? If everyone trusted everyone else to be kind that would never have happened.

I'm not saying this is going to affect everyone or that you've had these issues or that trust is gone becausetrust in the minecraft community is there but it's as simple as being nice and making people trust you. That's it.

All we have to do is try...

I'd also just like toapologize quicklyfor the text formatting, which glitches even when I update it :)

CreditWritten and Edited by: Bethenna, and a special thanks to you guys for reading and appreciating my work, it really means something to me :)

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