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Where i draw the line

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avatar Zelkia
Level 37 : Artisan Nerd
So earlier today, i found out that 1.13 had gotten a pre-release. "Finally," i said to myself. "This is going to be a viable version to play and will have the most content added since... probably ever."

I could not have been more wrong.

I'm not here to discuss bad or redundant changes in the update, and i'm not here to discuss the content of the update. What i'm here to discuss is that i drew a line- and that line has been crossed.

The first thing i noticed was that when i tabbed out to look at the changelog, it took a good five seconds to respond.
When i loaded the game, making a new world- or even loading into current ones- took upwards of 20 seconds before they reached anything higher than 15fps. Chunk-loading was abysmally slow, and framerate took an abysmal hit when chunks were loading.

And that was what i discovered in ten minutes. Put simply, the optimisation in this update is abysmal.

But what about this metaphorical line i drew, and what does it have to do with anything? Well, this line i drew was between Quantity and Quality, and Mojang has, for the first time in Minecraft's history, overstepped this boundary. And it shows.

I can't tell you why they decided to cross this boundary, and i'm not going to outright blame Microsoft. Though it would not surprise me in the least if they had a part in the issue. All i know is that Mojang needs to be aware of this issue, and they need to delay the update to fix these issues, as well as know to never overstep this boundary again.

Should this not happen, i'm afraid 1.12 will be the last major version i play. I'll still play earlier versions- i'm not giving up Alpha or Beta- but i will not be playing past 1.13 if this continues.

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Pretty sure that's something that'll be fixed if it's the new update causing lag.

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