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Where's Stokey part 2

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Level 35 : Artisan Pixel Painter
This story has now been remake click the link


if you havent read part one click this link

Part 2

Like Elisa Grey also had fire controlling super powers , But Grey is more creative in using her powers .
She goes to work riding a flameboard and surfs around the city as her way of patroling but she was not as
careful as her mom .

One time she accidentally burned a tree while she was patrolling . She got reported on the police station which almost got her fired from her job .

She just went home after receiving the sermon of the day from her Chief of police . When she got home , she got surprised because her front door was broken .

When she entered her house all her furniture were broken , her walls has scratches
and some of her clothes were missing from her closet . She then received a call from her partner BB confirming if she was the one being chased on the streets right now.

Grey said no so BB told her to turn on the television and there she saw The suspect being chased by a series of police vehicles and a helicopter . Grey asked BB for the location and BB said that it was spotted on pixel street . Grey quickly ride her flameboard and gone to the location and followed the suspect to an construction site .

BB was also in the area , he said that he suspect climb up the 24 story building that was still on construction . They two went up the building and with some backup . They've split up to search faster , Grey went on her own .

BB and some police men went on the 13th floor where they had an encounter with the enemy . The suspect take cover when the police opened fire , BB commanded them to stop , The suspect began to ran to the dark and the police opened fire again which again stopped by BB . He told the others ti stay in his back while he tries to approach the Suspect hiding in the dark .

But the suspect rushed to BB , kicked his leg and broked it , then it escaped .
it goned to a higher floor where Grey was .

Meanwhile! David and his childhood freinds had a reunion in a 10 story hotel next to the construction site . They were at the dining room having a drink and dinner , they were all happy and talking about heir jobs and the statuses of their life now . The happiness was broked when David looked at the chair next to him , no one was sitting in it .

He left his seat and brought the wine glass with him . He went on the roof top and he was looking at the night sky while he rotate the water in his wine glass .

Back in the chase , Grey was wandring around the 23th floor , she was about to go to a lower floor when she heard a noise
She created a light from her fire ball to see what made the noise . she saw the suspect wearing her clothes , it was slight dirty and the suspect looks scary .

She trowed the fireball at it , but it Shunned it and raned away . Grey chased it but shestopped when
it jumped off the 23th floor .

David was standing at the roof top when someone just landed behind him , Because of surprise he accidentally dropped the wine glass . He recoiled a bit when it looked at him , he have realized something from her facial recognition . She leaved after a helicopter pointed its light at her .

The entire building was set on lockdown , all the guest were all leaded to the exit , David was trying to find the person he saw on the building , he saw her escaping to the fire exit .

He followed it to the alley , but it sensed that someone was following he , she strangled David and leaned him on the brick wall
" Stokey "David said , then she let him go when A police " RJ Stone" saw them and open fire at them Stokey jumped up the fence and escaped while David taked cover as the police kept on shooting on Stokey .

After the chase RJ Stone went home , he saw his partner " Burdado " sleeping in his couch with
a bottle of Beer beside him , he was snoring so Stone just go to the kitchen to get a bottle of beer and he get a bottle open
hanged near the window and the sink .

When someone just jump in the window and breaked the glass . Stone felled down and his bottle of beer got shattered .
The stranger got into the house . Stone grabed his gun and fired a shot at the suspect but it didn't damaged it . the stranger has fangs and sharp claws that slitted Stone's pants .

He ran and got slipped on the beer and dropped his gun , he crawled around the table and gone upstairs .
Burdado got awaked from the noise he tried to know what is happening but his vision is quite nauseated , he saw someone near him , he approached it and said that it was trespassing his house but it grabbed him and throwed him on the window , out of his house .

Stone was hiding on his bedroom , he locked the door and blocked it with a chair , he looked down the window to see how high is the fall . someone banged his door , he is scared to jump , the stranger breaked the door and got in , due to fear of getting killed he jumped of the window --second floor of the house --and his back landed of a hard surface

The stranger peaked at the window ans saw Stone not moving anymore so it leaved . When Stone saw that the monster was gone .
He stand up holding his painful back and gone to his garage and took his car and drived to Precint 12 where he asked help to the cheif of police .

He was looking at Stone's pants and he raised his eyebrow " Rip Jeans trend "
Stone wants to head bat his chief , he is only stopping himself , The chief were trying to find something in his drawer so Stone helped him .

Grey has just goned from the hospital , she visited BB and checking his condition , she was in the precinct , she saw Stone and the chief of police trying to find something on the drawers .
" Wheres the file? " Chief said .

Grey grabed the file in her table and gaved it to her chief , the chief gaved the file to Stone , Stone reviewed the file for the entire night , When he was done he'd gone to the chief and the chief decided to partner Grey to Stone , at first , Stone denied but he had no choice so he just accepted it .

A report was recieved by the chief , he then told it to Grey and Stone , they argued on what will they take , Greys flameboard that might burn Stone's shoes of Stone's mobile , but in the end Stone won the arguement because he said his car is faster than Grey's flameboard .

10 minutes later they were already stuck in traffic , Grey leaved the vehicle and ride her flameboard leaving Stone behind
she reached the location and waited for Stone , Stone arrived after 30 minutes , the suspect was already arrested .

Stone was coyly of himself , so he drived back to the precinct , it was already late night but he was still in traffic in the bridge , he honked the vehicle in front because it taked his lane .

He get out of his mobile to confront the driver , he knoked the slider , the driver opened the sliderand blowed smoke from his cigarette to Stones face then closed the slider .

Stone was about to knock the slider again when something jumped at the car's bumper " Front spoiler " , it got badly dented , the creature was recognized by Stone as the suspect that attacked him in his house , he called backup including
Grey .

He chased down the suspect under the bridge , he cornered it , the suspect was about to grapple Stone but Stone grabbed his flashlight , he turned it on and he pointed the light in his head , the light in pointing his shiny head created a dazzling beam . He pointed to the suspect that made it blind for a while , enough for Stone to handcuff the suspect which he recognized as a girl .

The backup has arrived with Grey , they saw Stone holding the suspect , the suspect was brought to jail in a separate cell so that she can't harm the other inmates . Stone opened the file and named the suspect as Stokey as like what is in her records .

David had heared the news that Stokey was already caught , He visited her in jail trying to make her recognize him but it only keeps on trying to attack him , David didn't gaved up , he visits Stokey every week , talking to her even though the guards tell him that the suspect has no chance of remembering him .

Grey visited BB on the hospital checking his condition , Two more days and he can be charged out of the hospital .

Meanwhile Dr. Dwayne was just watching the confidential videos , he requested to spy Stokey , his first successfull Type Z experiment .

Part 3 im not sure if i can create it

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