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Where the giant gem ship located in "the Answer"

This homeworld ship thingy- i frogot the name XD

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avatar Pokezilla101
Level 54 : Grandmaster Unicorn
If you had watched the answer we learn how sapphire and ruby met and became a crystal gem and when they fused for the first time. But as we watch on we see some locations in the episoide that we might have never seen before. But if you put the picture side by side with one of the first scenes when ruby and sapphire jump off the ship they look very familiar...

To you they might not look very familiar, but here is what evidence to support that his place once apon a time used to be a clear battlefield with no strawberries.
  • Each place has mountains
  • each place has plant life growing

  • Each place shares some gem history

Perphaps during a raid like within "the answer" Homeworl goes all out and tries to kill rose, pearl, and garnet. So they attack. It is very possible that a huge event or huge battle happened here. Which gives this place a very weird properties like the floating islands, because they used gem technology new at the time and it possibly malfunctioned.
What do you think about this theory? is it supportable or just plain foolishness? Well I made this theory so say whatever you want, I just want some feedback!

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