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Who even is carl?

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I'm sure that if you've been subscribed to me for at least some time that you would have seen my favorite OC Carl. But who is carl? And why is he my favorite OC?

It all started at the beginning of school last year when I was watching YouTube and I found this vid by Curious Archive about a scenario where the K-T extinction never happened and dinosaurs evolved human level intelligence.
Who even is carl?
I do recommend that you check out his channel if your interested in speculative biology and other related topics. But anyways, one night I was drawing and I came up with an idea, what if this scenario did happen? which dino would most likely reached this level of intelligence first?

First, where will this occur? And which species of the area will I choose? After not a long time of thinking I decided I would use Velociraptor, a rather famous dino for its sickle toe and large brain to body ratio. I figured they were most likely already on a path to intelligence before the extinction so why not.
Who even is carl?
Velociraptor from the new TV series "Prehistoric Planet"

What about the area?
Velociraptor fossil have been found in what is now central Mongolia, but in Carl's timeline, after the extinction didn't happen, they migrated south toward the valleys at the edge of the young Himalayas. In CAs vid, he only discussed hunter gather society, but I went further. 50million BC for us is when they settled in these valleys and began to develop Agriculture which if you know anything about human history, you will know that it is very important.
Who even is carl?
(the Himalayas 50milion yrs ago)
They started making farms and growing crops in the low wet valleys behind the mountains, they began to come together in small villages and eventually the first cities.
now lets jump a couple thousand years forward in time. now there are cities all over the globe. in the valley there are now two major cites both by a single volcano. One on the coast:

and one behind the volcano: (the one carl lives at)

the tech that they have is equivalent to the tech we had in the early 2000s
Now that you know the setting, lets take a look at Carl himself
Carl is a Velociraptor from Valmore city

He is about 3'1" weighs 56lbs and he went to collage in his hometown.
He was originally a "nerd"
this was his original design:

the second design was a lil more accurate but looked more like Dakotaraptor

the third design went for more of a slender look

eventually i found a basically spot on recreation of velociraptor, i based the final version off the ones from Prehistoric Planet which are the most accurate recreations out there

after doing a small amount of tweaks showing 30million years of evolution, like longer arms and such.

this is the final result

this is the most detail I've ever put into a drawing of him
carl is no longer a nerd, he is a badass and the fastest thing in the universe. he is not allowed to go over 75% the speed of light because that can be extremely dangerous as he approaches or even goes over the speed of light. his watch on his right wing tells him how fast he is going and other stuff like that.
His primary weapon is a solar railgun

this gun uses a small portal fit inside a pressure resistant chamber, when carl pulls the trigger the portal is activated, the other end opens into the core of a star like our sun. The immense pressure and nuclear fusion push immense amounts of protons and plasma into the chamber of the gun. the longer he holds the trigger the more plasma is let in and the pressure builds even more. once he release the trigger, a small hole opens up and all of the plasma gets let out at one in a concentrated beam. it will instantly vaporize anything.

carl himself is a nice guy, he is very sympathetic for others but he can be a lil bit selfish. He is very agile and skilled in acrobatics from his training and he usually attends almost every mission.

but now you know where he comes from and a lil bit about him. I hope you enjoyed reading this lol

and please consider subscribing for more art and other things. (I have a Minecraft map on the way) now you go have a great day!

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06/30/2022 9:40 amhistory
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I think that this dromaeosaur civilization would also have small mammals as livestock
06/29/2022 5:28 pm
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Wow awesome! You put a lot of thought into this!
06/29/2022 7:40 pm
Level 28 : Expert Sus
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ty, that's why he's my fav, bc he's the one I've put the most work and research into lol
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