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Why and How did i become a minecrafter?

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avatar Pokezilla101
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Minecraft has many possibilities within the game. Everyone chooses their own path in minecraft, they can choose survival lord to coding a undefeatable zombie from a few command blocks, or even to build magnificent structures the minecraft community has never seen.

When I first started Minecraft, I did not know what my path was, or even where to begin. I started out with surviving the night, depending on the biome around me. I would survive 2 nights, but then I would either die of starvation or a simple zombie that had gotten into my door less house. I tried again and again, countless times, but I keep simply dieing.

I moved to the next best thing, Player Vs. Player action. But I also had failed that countless times, though I would even do research on how to be the best in player vs player action. I just simply sucked at it, even though I would practice countless times for 2 hours a day.

Then I tried command blocks. It was wonderful to use the command blocks, knowing only a few commands. Finally one day, some person on a minecraft server, since I am staff on that server, the player wanted all his status effects off. Well in my mind told me /clear would more than likely mean clear status effects. Well I did that to that player and well, lets say, he had a cleaner inventory. From that I just decided command blocks were not my thing, with all the codes and so such I would have to learn, and the mistakes to be made before I can make something go the way I wanted it. And I did not want to make any huge mistakes that could possibly get me banned from that minecraft server.

Then I finally tried something I hadn't had tried for ages...


I decided to just try building a house, and I did, and it turn out better than I had originally thought. Its better than a dirt house, but not world famous good building. So ever since that day in single player I built a house, I have been practicing and getting tips from builders on other servers. Since then I have been building Le Hotel (also Reffered to musical hotel) from Steven universe. And it has been turning out great with the help of fellow builders and fellow minecraft players on the server. I plan on building a whole entire city soon, for all minecraft players to spectate and enjoy.

And there are no such thing as a accident, it’s just a event that can turn you to your correct path, like it did me. And that’s the basic story of how I became a minecrafter.

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when i first played minecraft, i thought this was the most stupid game, but when i played for like whole day, i changed.

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