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Why Are You Not Popular?

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This blog is particularly aimed at unpopular users. I am however assuming that you make submissions you put a lot of effort into and not short bad blogs about cheese. Cheese is tasty but just keep in mind that this is about those who try to get popular but just can't seem to get it right. When making a blog you need to be creative and use good grammar but like I said, I'm assuming you already know those things. Also I will only write about blogs here because I am not as familiar with other tabs such as Projects, Texture packs and Skins although what I'm about to talk about can be applicable to those sections.


Have you ever made what you think is a great blog? Have you ever uploaded that great blog and received no feedback or diamonds? Have you ever seen someone else making something that has less effort put into it but gets more popular than your submissions? I certainly have. It's quite sad and looking back at all that time you spent making your submission makes you feel like a failure. It makes you mad at the others who make things and get diamonds effortlessly. Popular people on PMC and Moderators seem to always get a ton of diamonds but lets not talk about them. I am NOT going to rant on moderators or popular pmc'ers because they actually do put in a lot of effort and they always make great submissions. Rather, I am here to talk about the less popular and those who try but don't get anywhere.

What is 'Popular?'

When talking about a person on PMC who is popular I would say over 100 subscribers is definitely popular. Someone who always gets diamonds on everything they post is also popular, depending on the amount of diamonds. How about a single submission? We will stick to blogs because it's what I am most familiar with. Something that ends up on the Pop Reel can be considered popular but you can get on the pop reel by getting 3 diamonds on a submission. 3 diamonds is only 2 other people liking your submission, that's not a lot. I figure 10 diamonds is 'popular' because that means 9 people like it and maybe a few others that just didn't diamond. However most blogs that end up on the pop reel that I personally diamond end up getting around 20 diamonds and I think that is when you can say a blog is really popular. 20 or more diamonds is something I have only gotten twice. Once being 21 diamonds on a blog that got deleted by a moderator who did not see my logic. The other time I got over 100 diamonds but I will talk about that later. 30 diamonds and over is very popular because if you get that amount regularly than you're a popular pmc'er and probably quite a high level too. I am very proud to write for a blog series by Malik807 called the PMC Times. This blog series on average gets over 30 diamonds and Malik himself has over 200 subscribers. This is what I call popular. Anyway now that I've covered popularity lets talk about something else.

The Illusion of popularity

Do I consider myself popular? No, I don't because I am not a high level and I don't have over 80 subscribers. You may think I'm ungrateful and that is not true. I am very happy to have my subscribers but I am comparing myself to the big picture. I am comparing myself to all of pmc and I don't stand at a very high spot. As of writing this I have 57 subscribers and 9 uploads and more than 5 diamonds on each blog. Wait! That is not true. I will talk about the illusion of popularity. I have had a lot of failure. However I take failure differently than the average pmc'er. I delete my blogs all the time because they are not good. I HATE having bad unpopular blogs on my page. 6-12 diamonds is what I get mostly and that is not popular but it's not the same as 1-4 diamonds. If I never deleted a submission, I would have about 25 submissions right now. All of them would have effort put into them but most wouldn't have more that 4 diamonds. I have the feeling that when someone looks at my page they judge what I have posted and if everything is sort of popular and better than It seems like I am good at pmc and they subscribe to me. I judge other people on pmc like this so why wouldn't other pmc'ers judge me that way. What I'm saying is, if you put all the blogs I've ever made on pmc into count I am not popular at all, just someone who got lucky on a few blogs. It's kind of like buying a very expensive big house just to look rich but not telling everyone else you have an average job with an average salary. Other people don't have to do this because they are already very popular and get diamonds and have people waiting to diamond the next thing they post. I suggest all you smaller creators do what I do and make yourself appear better, because until you get popular, you're not getting diamonds on everything even if you have put in a lot of effort it helps a lot.

How our minds work

when you click on a blog you made that decision because of something you read or saw. This is the same with every person and it's not only on pmc. Like I said before I will only stay inside the boundaries of blogs because I know blogs and the other tabs work differently.

The text you read that is the title of the blog determines right away whether you will click on that blog or not. When you read something you like you will want to continue reading. Try this, look through the pop reel and think about the titles you see. Which one of these titles is most appealing to you? Which one do you want to read more about? These questions happen in the back of your head without you thinking about them every time you open up PMC and look at the blogs section. This does not just apply to blogs but like I said before, I am most familiar with blogs so I'll stay there. A big reason why you may click on a blog and ultimately give it a diamond is because you have an opinion on the topic. If you see a title that says 'will minecraft ever die out?' you want to click on it. You see the question and you have an answer to it right away so you click on it to see what the person wrote so you can either agree or disagree. Topics that most people have a strong opinion on can be used to create popularity, if used correctly.

The thumbnail is the second thing in determining whether you will click on a blog. Sometimes it's the first thing you see and this I feel is harder to describe than a title. My best shot at describing the thumbnail is by giving an example. One of my blogs now has over 120 diamonds and a big thing about that blog is the title says 'Minecraft Sucks'. The blog is about why people hate minecraft and what you can say as an intelligent comeback to anything the person has to say against the game. If you want you can read it by clicking here, but I want to talk about the thumbnail. When you see a thumbnail that says something that is against your judgement or a strong topic you feel the need to click on it. Try the same example that you did with the title and look through the thumbnails on the pop reel. You will see the variety and understand why it's hard to say what a 'good' thumbnail to use would be. Ok so you understand how humans and their minds work now, lets talk about something else and get to the heart of our question.

Why are you NOT Popular?

You could be making good blogs but you if you are making good blogs and they aren't getting popular then there must be something wrong. I've scraped my mind thinking about what I was doing wrong and I couldn't figure it out. I eventually made an intelligent guess and here is the checklist you can follow after you have failed to fix your problem or insure you don't fail again.

Step 1

Make it great

Make your blog about a good topic and make sure it's got good grammar. Also make sure you don't write too little or it's kind of worthless. Just be creative and write what people want to read.

Step 2

Title and thumbnail

Choose a catchy short title. Don't bother putting {Pop Reel} on there because it's just taking up space. Make a good thumbnail and make sure it's the right dimensions.

Step 3

Put it in the right section

You could be making awesome blogs but they aren't posted at the right time or in the right section. Planet Minecraft has 9 sections in the blogs tab. These include: Articles, Tutorials, Reviews, Interviews, Stories, Lets Plays, Arts, Comics, and Others.

Articles are the most common because by default all blogs are articles. Your blog is most likely and article but the truth is that at the right time when pmc has the most traffic, the articles section is constantly filled with new blogs. You may have a 5 minute window of opportunity where people can click on it from the front page. After that it's over and unless you got to the pop reel in those fe minutes, you may be done for. You can always update your blog and bring it back to the top but thats restarting the process. Anyway ranting about bad blogs filling up a section you need to put your good blog into to not violate the rules is for another blog.

The other sections are meant for a certain blog type. Interviews are a good place to put your blog but it may violate the rules so maybe find a loophole like putting an interview as an example in your blog.

Step 4

Have the right timing

Make sure you upload when pmc has the most traffic. This is hard to determine but just keep in mind that 12:00 am is usually a bad time unless 12:00 am at your place is 12-6 pm in the US. I don't know but I'm just assuming that most of pmc users live in north america because it's an english site. I personally live in Alberta, Canada and I'm on pmc from 10am to midnight on average.

Step 5

Accept failure

Until you get over 100 subscribers, you will probably have failures and you just have to remember to keep trying hard. Eventually something good happens, you get the response you asked for. You just have to wait for it and keep going.

Step 6

This step is written as advice by a moderator here on PMC, the_soup


'I see a lot of people who never really try to become better at what they do, instead they stay the same and expect the popularity to come to them. One of the best tips I can give to people is to look critically at your work and be really honest with yourself about what you can learn to do better. For example, when I started skinning I thought my skins were awesome and perfect and couldn't get any better. When I gained more experience, though, I realized that maybe they weren't so perfect and maybe there were areas I could improve on. If I had stayed thinking the way I was originally, I would have never become a good skinner.

I often see people complaining about their lack of popularity, but they've never actually sought to improve their work. It's unfortunate because they oftentimes will refuse to accept that maybe they just need to spend a bit more effort learning how to make better submissions.'

- the_soup, Site Moderator

The Alternative

There are alternatives to using these 6 steps of making your blogs popular.

1. Become a PMC Moderator. You will get diamonds and subscribers all the time

2. Have a great talent. If you have a super great talent like drawing than you can get tons of subscribers and diamonds! A great example is folcorow, he is GREAT at drawing and it has made him very popular.

3. Get an already popular pmc'er to give you a great shout out. This one is kind of a hard and bad way to get diamonds and subscribers but like it's written at the top of this blog, I'm assuming you already have great blogs that you have put effort into and you just need a push of people to see them.


I've talked about how you can make yourself popular but it's not proven in any way. I don't understand what a good thumbnail and title is myself because I can't climb into the minds of others and figure out what they want to see and what they don't want to see. Maybe this would be easier if I was a marketing strategist if that's even a thing which I assume it is. Remember that you will always find a way to get popular even if that means countless failure.

After thinking about it I feel like asking people to diamond and favourite is stupid. It's like being a band at a concert and you have to ask fans to clap after you play a song. It's dumb because If you like this blog enough you will give it a diamond and maybe you will favourite. I have to remember that I'm not talking to babies that need to be told what you do so I'll just say this:

Thank you for reading this blog because I put a lot of effort into it and it makes me happy that you read it. Incase you didn't agree with me or you have something to add, theres a perfectly placed thing called a comment section. So go and express your ideas there if you like.I really hope you enjoyed it and have a marvellous day!

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02/22/2019 3:49 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Vampire
SouthDakotaGirl avatar
Wow, nice blog
12/30/2018 12:37 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Taco
Darth_i avatar
Thank you, I will follow your advice :)
06/16/2017 7:15 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Architect
LightlySaltedBuilder avatar
Yeah, I uploaded a blog that was made over about the span of a month, and i only got two diamonds, one from someone else and one from me.
03/11/2016 2:04 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
SteamFan avatar
This is a very good blog, I know what you mean about unpopular people not getting diamonds for a large amount of work, I have that for a blog that I posted a while ago. Yeah... Good Blog
07/24/2013 5:05 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Architect
ricey125 avatar
This is a fantastic blog, but I'm not sure wether to call myself popular. I have about 52 subscribers and I have 8 projects. The most diamonds I have ever got is 60, and that project has been on the pop reel 2 times. Im good at building, but some of my good builds take a long time to get to about 20 diamonds.
07/21/2013 6:23 am
Level 35 : Artisan Artist
CatcaveisCool avatar
I'm not doing that bad, the highest I got on my other account was level 4, I am level 19 on this account. I only have 7 subs, but I'm not bothered.
07/21/2013 1:24 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
OnlyIn5DYT avatar
07/10/2013 1:37 pm
Level 45 : Master Engineer
DeadSpaceDUde avatar
wrong, what makes a great blog is the topic. It has to intrigue people.
07/10/2013 1:41 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
OnlyIn5DYT avatar
I though I wrote that.... I added the thumbnail and title things as an extra thing you should do, but the topic is what matters the most
07/07/2013 11:25 pm
Level 44 : Master Fox
CheeseManFuu avatar
"not short bad blogs about cheese. Cheese
is tasty but just keep in mind that this is about those who try to get
popular but just can't seem to get it right."
Hey! :3
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