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A NEW SLICE OF CAKE! Minecraft Update

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avatar HeartDawn
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The Cake Of Minecraft.

Sometimes i think minecraft is like a cake. Almost anything you can create with it, decorate it and even make it taste complete different. Some version taste shit and others taste like heaven. Minecraft is the same, iv played amazing mods that really add to the gameplay of minecraft and improve the game for the better. But iv also seen complicated jumbles of mod packs that makes the game feel like a Retro Cod/Slender piece of crap. So How do you tell the good ones from the bad ones? Good Ones look fresh and sweet, full of new intesting stuff added to the game. And bad ones look mouldy and contributing nothing new to the game but thousands of hostile mobs that will swarm you any time you try and play in survival. If you have any good mod packs please email thecakeofminecraft@outlook.com and i will post them here :D
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