Why does my animated water look fine, but water_flow doesn't?

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Now you've discovered how to create animated textures only to find that you get stumped over how to create flowing water in minecraft.

The Thing of it is "water_flow" is a special kind of texture format. It takes from the center part to make top part of the water flow tile, top left to make front, etc. etc.

I'll show you.

Now I don't know why I prefer Mirroring my textures. Honestly it's just a preference if your textures tile perfectly you don't have to mirror it. I remembered why. When Water runs diagonally. Just follow the Instructions below to get your results

1.)Shrink your texture by 1/2 it's size(alternatively you can also create a higher resolution to keep the resolution of your 32x1 water flow texture)
2.)Copy your 1/2 sized texture or mirror it next to your existing one. as show above
3.) Copy down both 1/2(1x2) textures into the bottow halve of your existing tile to complete your water_flow animated tiles first part...
4.) Repeat for the rest of your 31 or more water_flow animation tiles.

I ended up with this.

It's a lot of work, but if you already have an animated "water_flow.png" that seems to look fine, but doesn't tile in-game, try this fix and it may help you like it did for me.

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