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Why 'Home - Odyssey' has the greatest music

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avatar Mariocraft_Best
Level 16 : Journeyman Spelunker
Home was founded in the early '90s by Andrew Deutsch, Eric Morrison and Brad Truax. In my opinion, they produce great music. why is it so great. well, to me it's because that there are no words in their songs, which i really like, because music with lyrics just ruins the background sounds in my opinion. Also, there music sounds so futuristic and sounds like something that would come out of some video game. Another thing that i really like for no reason is that most of their song titles are simple titles that are 1 or 2 words long, making them easier to remember, and they also have great names like Odyssey and Tides and Half Moon. lastly, i just love how relaxing their music is. it just gives me a feel good vibe and just makes all my stress vanish. so yeah, why not check this album out, and why not check out some other albums by Home, they have more than 1 you know. anyways here's a link to all the songs in the album, as well as a link to my forum post on which Home Odyssey song is your favorite.
link to the songs
link to my forum post
CreditHome - Odyssey is the creator of all these songs

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