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Why I am a minecrafter [First contest Entry]

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Apprentice avatar Apprentice
Level 23 : Expert Network
I started playing minecraft back in 2010, when Beta 1.0 came out. It was a game that I found while I was browsing the internet and decided to try it out for myself. I got hooked in the game after about 4 hours of learning the game. The fact that the account was free and I didn't have to pay was really amazing as well. I got many of my friends hooked on it as well and it made us all join together as friends to play it more often. We had a blast building massive cities and destroying mobs like we were slicing a cake. Later on when servers got popular, my friend Caleb and I made a server and had huge success. Making us very happy but tired coders. This eventually made us fall apart and fade away until minecraft version 1.3 came out. We then tried again but failed. Ever since then he grew out of it and I occasionally play. But overall minecraft brought us all together as friends to be nerds and play around having a blast till 5am in the morning when we went to bed for 4 hours, got up, went swimming for 3 hours, and then got back to playing. Minecraft can bring awesome communities as well. I started hosting a while after they stopped playing. I met a lot new new players, players with cool backgrounds, interests, needs, wants. I got new skype friends, and it was a blast. I know it maybe insecure to not officially know your friends, but its really cool what a game can do to your life. I was introduced to PMC when I needed a place to advertise my server. I became semi-popular when my server page hit over 1k views. I didn't really start posting blogs and builds until a later time though. Even then I was getting in trouble for not making my own content, which back then of course I somewhat new better but did it anyways to try and gain fame. I have learned now that fame isn't everything. I am now posting my own things, as I feel much better for it. I also try to participate in the chat, get others motivated, and check the forum occasionally to help others out. I also occasionally go on people's servers and help them code a little bit and show them tricks. I believe that my minecraft experience has really shown who I am and what I am capable of doing. I have found that helping others is what I do enjoy. I don't play much minecraft today as I work and my computer does not have a good graphics card to handle the game. But I will always be here in the community.



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08/22/2016 11:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Captain_Choco avatar
Nice story, Apprentice. I started playing around 1.5 and only played solo. Now I'm getting back into it and looking to join servers and group builds.
08/22/2016 11:36 pm
Level 23 : Expert Network
Apprentice avatar
Awesome! I have not came back to the game yet since 1.9. Maybe one day ill come back :)
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