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Storymode season two - What it did right and wrong

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Disclaimer: I have not played Minecraft: Storymode for myself. I have only watched it on YouTube. So take my opinion with a grain of salt, I might be wrong about it.

So, in case you've haven't watched or played season 2 of Minecraft Storymode or are not planning too, here's one brief, and another not-so-brief summary, which I'll put in a spoiler for those who are planning to watch it. (The plot gets pretty complex)

Spoiler - click to reveal
The Brief Summary
After Jesse finds a gauntlet, which attaches itself to him and he can't take off, he travels to an underwater temple to unlock it's secrets. When there, he awakes a giant colossus called, the Admin. The Admin follows him to Beacon-Town, who he is the leader of, and attacks the city. The admin then makes him complete a series of challenges, which he passes along with his friends. This pisses off the Admin, and he sends Jesse to a prison dimension he made. Jesse escapes along with Xara, a former admin, which tells him she knows how to defeat the Admin. They then journey to a world below the bedrock of the prison, which was hidden by the admin.

The Detailed Summary
Episode 1

It starts with Jesse running beacon-town, which has become a large and flourishing city. Axel and Olivia are off doing their own things, running Redstonia and Boom-town, so they're absent the whole time. Then, while on an adventure in the mines with Petra, the only friend that's still adventuring, they discover a prismarine gauntlet, which attaches itself to Jesse's hand. They then find Jack, a retired adventurer, and enlist his help to travel to an underwater temple to figure out the secret of the gauntlet, which Jesse cannot take off. There they find Vos, Jack's friend which was in one of the temple traps all these years, presumably sleeping or in some sort of magical coma. They find what they're looking for, but as they're leaving, a giant colossus called the Admin is awoken, and starts attacking them. They escape and travel back to Beacon-Town, but the Admin follows them and attacks the city.

Episode 2
Jesse defeats the Admin, and then discovers that it was all a test, the admin comes back as a snowman to tell him all this, and turns the land to eternal winter. He then challenges Jesse to find a clock, which was dropped by the colossus and has the ability to change the time, which is now at the top of the Admin's icy tower of despair (Exact words used by the Admin to describe it). Whoever get there first will be the Admin's partner. They manage to pass the challenge by working together, and then it turns out Vos was actually the Admin, and that he wasn't actually alive after all those years in the temple. Jesse is then sent to a prison dimension for pissing off the admin, as well as the rest of his friends, and Petra is chosen to be his partner.

Episode 3
Jesse works his way up the prison ranks after he is enlisted to work as an assistant to the warden. He then ends up freeing the mysterious Prisoner X, who is later revealed to have actually been an Admin. She helps them escape the prison after fighting their way through the maze outside the prison, and they reach a world under the bedrock, which is stated to be the first world ever created by the three admins. Also, the Admin goes up to the over-world and impersonates Jesse, to earn himself the support of the people of Beacon-Town.

Episode 4
Jesse has to find a key to unlock a portal, which is being repaired by Xara, Prisoner X. (There also used to be three Admins, but the third one was killed, and Xara and Romeo, the admin which is still in power, are the only ones left.) In the end they have to fight a giant enderman to keep it from destroying the fixed portal.

Now, onto my thoughts on it...

The People of Beacon-Town
My goodness, are the resident's of Beacon-Town annoying! They're not annoying in personality or anything, but they are all huge fans of Jesse. While it's the logical thing, as literally he did just save the world, it is so annoying that these guys act like a preteen One Direction fan would if they got visited by One Direction. Just the constant praise of Jesse is annoying, I can understand it from a few people, but literally the whole town is like this. It seems like their only purpose for being there is to praise and admire Jesse.

The Admin
The admin was a great idea, and I think the colossus was a cool threat. However, the snowman version of the Admin is really lame. He's not psycho enough to be a cool villain, as that's more of the direction he seems to be in. He's just completely un-serious, his voice is annoying, and he isn't even funny enough to be comedic relief. However, the final variant of the admin, after he reveals to himself to be Vos, is way better and very satisfying as a villain. The snowman was a just a weird passive version of his final form.

The Combat

The one thing that is a real huge improvement is the combat. Just from seeing it on YouTube, it's obvious how much better and funner this combat is. It behaves like actual combat, whereas the Season 1 combat was super simple and lame. The rolling and dodging required adds a lot more action to it, and the boss battles are amazing. Before, I really didn't like the game because of it's lack of interaction and good combat, but the new style has made it into something i'd actually like to play.

The story-line
I think the overall story is pretty good. The Admin, which I guess is meant to be like the owners or OP players, is a good concept. It also adds the challenge that, like with the wither-storm, they need to find out how to defeat him, because of how powerful he is. I also thought there was good character interaction, as there's a whole arc with Petra and Jesse because of how Petra feels like she's being left alone since all her friends are moving on from adventuring. I like how the arc turned out, but I thought it started kind of weird and awkward.

Stella is a whole new character who is introduced in episode 1. She isn't too important to the overall plot, so I didn't include her in the summary. Basically, she's the founder of Champion City, Beacon-Town's rival, and she believes this makes her Jesse's rival too. She's an interesting character, but I feel like they put too much focus on the comic relief of her obsession with being better than Jesse, when focusing on how manipulative and bossy she is would've led to a better character in my opinion. Overall, she's a good addition, but she's kind of annoying.

Also, she has a llama side-kick which is adorable! However he seems too much like a Ruben replacement, so I refuse to accept him. Just kidding... kind of.... Okay, I don't like him as much as Ruben, but he's still pretty cool.

So, overall I think Season 2 is a great new addition to Storymode, which is as good as season 1 in terms of story-line, and it definitely passes it in combat. It matches the standard set by the first season, and if you liked season 1, then I'd recommend playing it or watching it on YouTube, if you're like me and that's all you did.

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